Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hey Ethan, What Time Is It?!?!?!

It's TUMMY TIME!!!!!

That's right. We've been trying to work on tummy time. Um....let's just say it lasts about 5 minutes max! No seriously, I took the pictures to prove it!! Elapsed time: 3 1/2 minutes!!

"WAIT!!! Did you say tummy time? But I dont think I like tummy time!!"

"Yes, I was right. I really dont like tummy time. Are we done yet?"

"Wait, is that a monkey down there?"

"Maybe I'll eat my bib while I'm on my tummy. Maybe Mommy will pick me up if I try to eat my bib!!"

"That's it!!! I've had it!!! I told you I didn't like tummy time!!!"


So what does Ethan like you ask?!

He likes to ride in his new stroller. We walked to the library and back.

He likes to try sitting up in his new seat!!

He thinks elephants are hilarious!!

And he likes to wear Daddy's glasses!!!

At 8 weeks, he is now REACHING for toys!!! It is so cute! Every once in a while, he will even connect with his fist!

That's all for now!

All our love,
Charlie, Beth, and Ethan


Stacey said...

Love that last pic!

Delores said...

OMG those are hilarious.....he is changing everyday...sooooo cute. Big kisses from Maw-Maw.....

Donna said...

Oh my goodness is he growin' fast!! I just love the "smiley" pics....Big hugs and kisses to you all!
Donna/Aunt Nonnie