Friday, September 19, 2008

I love a good sale!!

And that's exactly what I found!!

Last Wednesday and Thursday, I went shopping with a few girlfriends to some great sales. They are like huge baby/kid garage sales and WOW did I score some great stuff!!!

Plus, there is a girl on my local chat board who GAVE ME her jumperoo!! Her daughter didn't really like it and she said she just wanted it out of her basement! We can't wait until Ethan is big enough to try it out!! Thanks Kendra!!

On Wednesday we went to "Here We Grow Again"
On Thursday we went to "Just Between Friends"

If you google the names, you can find their websites. I tried to put a link in here.....but it wouldn't work!

Anyway ~ here is what I scored!! I spent $130 TOTAL on both days of shopping!!

Two sweatjacket hoodies for the fall

Two heavy wool-like coats for the winter

A KU raincoat jumper!

A snowsuit!

A frog halloween costume (for $1!!!!)

This exersaucer - retails at Babies R Us for $120 - my girlfriend found this for me for only $40!!

This LeapFrog learning table - retails at Target for $40 - got mine for $10!!

Two of these foam wedges - one for home and one for daycare. They go under the sheets of his crib/bassinet to help with his reflux. Cheapest I have found them so far is $12 each. I got both of these for $7!!

This learning puppy! He sings ABCs, does PattyCake, sings all kinds of other cute!

This kick piano! It plays music when he kicks or hits the keys! The little birdie at the top says "Peek-a-boo" and "Helloooo Baby" and moves it's little wings!

This super cute diaper bag that has hooks for the back of the stroller! $5 and it still had tags on it!

Plus ~ not pictured ~ I got 6 footed sleepers (size 3-6 months for when he outgrows his current ones), a halloween sleeper, and a KC Chiefs outfit!!

Here is a video of bubba enjoying his piano!

And what blog would be complete without my precious little boy?!?! Happily napping in his Pack'n'Play bassinet!

That is all for now!
Much love,
Charlie, Beth, and Ethan!!

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Delores said...

OMG! He gets bigger every time I see him.Man you made real haul. Good for you. The frog costume...I can not wait to see the cute "little man" in that. Thanks for the update. I really look forward to them. I love you guys and miss you very much.....Mom