Thursday, September 25, 2008

He Giggles!!

OK, so it isn't quite a full-on, from-the-belly laugh just yet. But it is definitely the best sound I've heard from him since his very first cry! In that spirit, a blog entry full of videos!!

This was our first attempt at catching the elusive giggle! We were on the floor playing and he was giggling. So I jumped up really quickly to grab the camera. What I got was not "quite" the giggle I heard just moments before...but cute nonetheless!

Then yesterday I was holding him in my lap and making bubble noises. The giggle came back!! Quick, grab the camera and catch it!!! Attempt two = FAILED!

Not ready to give up just yet....we try again! SUCCESS!!!!!! Note that the camera shakes everytime I laugh at him while he is laughing at me!

And since I'm adding videos ~ we have been working on his neck muscles. He will track with his eyes and will turn his head to his left.....but not to the right. He HATES tummy time and neck exercises but they are working! I like to call this one - follow the toy!

That's all for now!

All our love,
Charlie, Beth, & Ethan!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I love a good sale!!

And that's exactly what I found!!

Last Wednesday and Thursday, I went shopping with a few girlfriends to some great sales. They are like huge baby/kid garage sales and WOW did I score some great stuff!!!

Plus, there is a girl on my local chat board who GAVE ME her jumperoo!! Her daughter didn't really like it and she said she just wanted it out of her basement! We can't wait until Ethan is big enough to try it out!! Thanks Kendra!!

On Wednesday we went to "Here We Grow Again"
On Thursday we went to "Just Between Friends"

If you google the names, you can find their websites. I tried to put a link in here.....but it wouldn't work!

Anyway ~ here is what I scored!! I spent $130 TOTAL on both days of shopping!!

Two sweatjacket hoodies for the fall

Two heavy wool-like coats for the winter

A KU raincoat jumper!

A snowsuit!

A frog halloween costume (for $1!!!!)

This exersaucer - retails at Babies R Us for $120 - my girlfriend found this for me for only $40!!

This LeapFrog learning table - retails at Target for $40 - got mine for $10!!

Two of these foam wedges - one for home and one for daycare. They go under the sheets of his crib/bassinet to help with his reflux. Cheapest I have found them so far is $12 each. I got both of these for $7!!

This learning puppy! He sings ABCs, does PattyCake, sings all kinds of other cute!

This kick piano! It plays music when he kicks or hits the keys! The little birdie at the top says "Peek-a-boo" and "Helloooo Baby" and moves it's little wings!

This super cute diaper bag that has hooks for the back of the stroller! $5 and it still had tags on it!

Plus ~ not pictured ~ I got 6 footed sleepers (size 3-6 months for when he outgrows his current ones), a halloween sleeper, and a KC Chiefs outfit!!

Here is a video of bubba enjoying his piano!

And what blog would be complete without my precious little boy?!?! Happily napping in his Pack'n'Play bassinet!

That is all for now!
Much love,
Charlie, Beth, and Ethan!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2 Months Old!!

So ~ officially he was two months old on September 11th. But we had our 2-month well visit today so I waited to blog until I had all the new details!

Ethan is 10lbs 13oz, 21 1/2 inches long, and has a 15 3/4 inch head!! He is in the 10% - 25% for all categories, but growing steadily and that's what matters!!

His formula will not change until at least 6 months of age. She said we could discuss it then depending on how well he is doing. But there is a real possibility that he could be doing so well that it just stays the same until 1 year! Yikes! We are submitting some paperwork to his insurance to see if we can get even a partial reimbursement for the cost since it is "medically necessary".

He is tracking objects very well, laughing and cooing like crazy! His muscles on the right side of his neck are still very tight. He doesn't like to turn his head to the right and always sleeps to his left. So we have a new set of exercises to do while we are playing during the day to loosen those up. And let me tell you ~ he hates them!!! So in addition to the dreaded tummy time - which we have to increase in frequency - we now have neck exercises to torment our baby!! It's our job as parents right??!?!?

He had to have 4 shots and an oral rotovirus vaccine today. Poor little bubba!! He just put his head on my shoulder and cried and cried and cried. He has that "pouty lower lip" thing all figured out!!! Of course I wanted to cry right along with him. But he is doing much better already. His little legs are sore. If you touch them wrong he whines at you. But he is laying on his boppy next to me and talking to the ceiling fan!! So at least the crying has stopped for now. And Daddy brought home a chocolate chip cookie for Mommy ~ so she is feeling better too!!

And that's it really. Growing like crazy and cute as can be ~ not that we are at all biased!!! Here are the series of pictures I took on the 11th - his official 2 month birthday. I broke out his little gnome and started snapping!! As always, he is challenging to photograph!!

Enjoy ~ all our love!
Charlie, Beth, and Ethan

Ummm....Mom.....I'm not sure I'm excited about getting my picture taken right now.

Seriously, I'm not in the mood

Uh....a little help please!!

I'll just hang out here, is that ok??

MMMM!! Gnome is good!!

*****insert here: 1 large spit up, 1 messy diaper, and 1 outfit change********

Can we take a nap before we try again?!? Please!

Now I'm in a better mood!

Wait! I have to spit up on these new clothes first!

Yeah for being 2 months old!!!


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hey Ethan, What Time Is It?!?!?!

It's TUMMY TIME!!!!!

That's right. We've been trying to work on tummy time. Um....let's just say it lasts about 5 minutes max! No seriously, I took the pictures to prove it!! Elapsed time: 3 1/2 minutes!!

"WAIT!!! Did you say tummy time? But I dont think I like tummy time!!"

"Yes, I was right. I really dont like tummy time. Are we done yet?"

"Wait, is that a monkey down there?"

"Maybe I'll eat my bib while I'm on my tummy. Maybe Mommy will pick me up if I try to eat my bib!!"

"That's it!!! I've had it!!! I told you I didn't like tummy time!!!"


So what does Ethan like you ask?!

He likes to ride in his new stroller. We walked to the library and back.

He likes to try sitting up in his new seat!!

He thinks elephants are hilarious!!

And he likes to wear Daddy's glasses!!!

At 8 weeks, he is now REACHING for toys!!! It is so cute! Every once in a while, he will even connect with his fist!

That's all for now!

All our love,
Charlie, Beth, and Ethan