Thursday, September 25, 2008

He Giggles!!

OK, so it isn't quite a full-on, from-the-belly laugh just yet. But it is definitely the best sound I've heard from him since his very first cry! In that spirit, a blog entry full of videos!!

This was our first attempt at catching the elusive giggle! We were on the floor playing and he was giggling. So I jumped up really quickly to grab the camera. What I got was not "quite" the giggle I heard just moments before...but cute nonetheless!

Then yesterday I was holding him in my lap and making bubble noises. The giggle came back!! Quick, grab the camera and catch it!!! Attempt two = FAILED!

Not ready to give up just yet....we try again! SUCCESS!!!!!! Note that the camera shakes everytime I laugh at him while he is laughing at me!

And since I'm adding videos ~ we have been working on his neck muscles. He will track with his eyes and will turn his head to his left.....but not to the right. He HATES tummy time and neck exercises but they are working! I like to call this one - follow the toy!

That's all for now!

All our love,
Charlie, Beth, & Ethan!


Delores said...

That was the cutest thing I've ever seen. What an adorable giggle. My God he is growing by leaps and bounds. Love you guys. Keep sending those videos.....I love them...Mom

Donna said...

He he he....I was laughing along with him!! I LOVE IT :o) !! Man oh man is he growing!! Cant wait to see yall again :o(
Luv Yall~

brendak976 said...

How cute cute cute ya gotta love a baby giggle it made my morning nothing like a baby giggle to put you in a good mood.....Love ya all


harwooddoll said...

OMG he is too adorable !!!! He is growing up soooooooo fast. Hey Beth you just about have that fish sound to perfect..... I know Ethan is glad mommy is a friendly fish and not a shark. He knows it is friendly fish cus everytime he gigles so does the "fish".
can't wait to see all of you at Christmas. I promise not to get t close or try to talk to hime cus I don't want him to feel like his brains are being sucked out. lol
I figure I can just "baby talk" to him and he will understand - however none of the adults will. Gonna run for now keep those blogs and videos coming. It is great seeing him ever time I open my mail.
Love you all bunches
Aunt Doris