Monday, May 28, 2007

My Favorite Graduate!!!


I know I'm a bit late on this post...but we just finally have internet capabilites back again.

Well, on a beautiful May 20th ~ my amazing hubby graduated from KU with his electrical engineering degree! I'm so proud of him!! It was an amazing day from start to finish.

We are blessed to have made it through the last 5 years together!! We are very excited for him to start his new job tomorrow (!!!!) May 29th!

That's all for now since I have to start attacking some of these boxes!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

For the love of paint....

We did it!! We painted the entire interior of our house (well, except for the 2 bathrooms...they were good already!).

Charlie, Kevin, and Robbie painted the entire weekend I was in Maryland and then Charlie, Robbie, and I painted all last weekend. We are so happy with the results and even more excited than ever to move in!! The carpets were cleaned today and they look amazing!! Some gross orange stains are GONE and the pet smell is too! They are still in not-so-stellar shape overall and will need replacing sooner rather than later ~ but the cleaning will hold us out for a little while!

In other news, I figured out how to insert a picture inside of the post - so now you all have to look at my house pictures whether you like it or not!!

Here goes:

The entry area - this was one of the many mustard yellow areas. It is now a color called "Desert Fortress". Here are the before, and after!!

Next, the hallway. Again, it was a mustard yellow and now it is the "Desert Fortress" color. Before and After!

The living room - yup, mustard yellow again! These people loved their mustard!! It is also the tan color. Here is the before and after!

I don't have fantastic kitchen pictures. The flash didn't work the first time so it's a bit yellowish - but the 2nd picture shows the mauve color that we battled! After 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint...our kitchen is now called "Palmetto Green"!!

This is the guest room that we lovingly call "the Easter egg room"!! No more purple, this color is called "Montpelier Wedgewood".

This is the second room that will become our office. It is lovingly called "the speckled room" because of the sponge painting! Now it is called "Summer Rapture Green"!!

And our room. It was a gross, dirty color. I don't even really know how to describe it! But now it's called "Peach Champagne"!!

And finally, the basement. It was the same yucky mustard color on the top and has taken on the "Desert Fortress" color!

So.....if you made it through all of that ~ thanks for sharing our excitement! Be sure that there are many more pictures to come. Right now, we are trying to survive the last week of Charlie's college career and the final weeks of the school year for me! We are most definately looking forward to June, when Charlie will be at his NEW JOB (!!!) and I will be loving decorating our new house!

Love to all ~ Charlie and Beth