Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ready when you are, little one!

As promised, I have TONS of pictures of Baby's nursery! Charlie cleaned out the car today and installed the base for the carseat. We even went out and got a little boy and a little girl outfit!! We are ready whenever this little critter decides to arrive (which I am praying is very soon!)

So, without further jabbering.............lots of pictures! ;o)

(oh, and p.s. ~ I have no idea why shutterfly has decided to add white borders to all my pictures! arg! I'm pretending not to notice b/c I dont have the energy to fight it right now!)

Which one will we keep? Which one will be returned?!? Daddy picked out both of them!

Right side of nursery, from the door

Left side from the door

Critter's crib! Eventually his/her name will go above the crib on the wall

Quilt hanging on wall

Changing table/dresser/hutch

top drawer of dresser, all organized! wow!

middle drawer ~ onesies, sleepers, t-shirts

bottom drawer ~ towels, washclothes

full of newborn diapers, ready to go!


these cloth drawers are fantastic!

and the tags I made for them!

glider/ottoman with safari boppy pillow!

nursery lamp!

little couch/toy chest i have had since i was little!!

artwork above couch

artwork above glider

artwork above door (i made this when i was in kindergarten!!)

and a blessing plaque above the light switch

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just killing time.........

Ok, so I got the picture thing figured out!! It wasn't quite as bad as I thought, but I really don't care for change when I'm not expecting it! How dare Shutterfly makes changes without asking me first!

Anyway, here is what I've been doing with my summer.........

1) I love The Price Is Right! I'm actually getting quite good at my bidding skills. I even once bid less than $500 off the actual retail price of my showcase and won both of them! I can't wait for Drew Carey to deliver my party boat!!! My blood pressure loves that I'm sitting on the couch more than standing on the playground. My doctor loves my new trend in blood pressure!

2) I'm doing lots of baby laundry. Usually not a huge fan of laundry, but this laundry is a blast. Those little socks and onesies and sleepers are so so cute! And you can wash a million of them in no time at all..........because they are soo tiny!

3) Charlie and I have been busy getting all sorts of things put together. We are so lucky to have amazing friends/family. We haven't had to purchase very much at all on our own. My good friend got me a teddy bear that has been our willing test object! Yes, it has a blue bow on it. She is convinced we are having a boy. NO ~ we don't know for sure, it's just her hunch!

Charlie's college friend and his girlfriend got us our highchair! Doesn't bear look happy?!?

A few of my girlfriends went together and got us our Pack'n'Play. It has a bassinet feature on the top and a changing area. I'm sure this will be helpful those first few weeks!

We used gift money from my parents to purchase our car seat! Bear is very happy in the seat and Charlie and I have mastered the straps and getting it in/out of the base. Now all we have to do is install the base in the car!

Right now, we just have a stroller frame called a Snap'n'Go. It is the most genius invention ever (why couldn't I think of this?!?!) Basically, it is a stroller without a seat and all you have to do is snap on your infant seat! We are going to hold off buying a "real" stroller for a little longer since this one will hold us for a while.

And finally, some pictures of my ever-growing baby belly! I am now officially 37 1/2 weeks and if you can believe it, I have grown even more since these pictures! EEK!

Yes ~ those are stretch marks you see. Yes ~ they are terrifying but what's a girl to do?!? and Yes ~ my belly button sticks out almost all the time now. I've given up!

So that's it for now! Next up, pictures of the nursery. A few more things to hang and straighten up and it will be all ready for sharing on the blog! And I promise to post the 37w belly pictures (and maybe 38w depending on how quickly I get them posted!)

Love you all!
Charlie, Beth, and Baby D!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I know.....I know!!!!

It's been forever since I have updated! Well, guess what?!?!! I just sat down to post a huge update with pictures and everything......not gonna happen.

I can't even tell you how angry I am. :o(

I use shutterfly to host all my pictures online and then use the code to share them here.....but apparently shutterfly just changed their ENTIRE FORMAT and I can no longer share pictures from there. So I will have to go and find another online host, and then move over all my pictures before I can share anymore :o(

I'll try to get really motivated today and tomorrow and get them all moved. Sorry friends and family.