Friday, January 9, 2009


Words I am sure I will utter MANY MANY more times in my life! But for right now, it isn't anything icky or dangerous lurking in Ethan's mouth.

IT'S A TOOTH!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday (Jan 8th) his first tooth cut through his gums. It is the bottom left tooth, and the bottom right one is coming through any day now also. It is still so so tiny that it is really hard to show you. But you can definitely feel the sharp ridges on the top and if you get a big grin out of him, you can see it too!!

I tried to get a good picture yesterday, but he decided to eat the camera instead. YES ~ I said that he tried to eat my camera. He literally plopped his mouth right on my lens! Yummy!

So we tried again tonight after he fell asleep and you still can't really see it, but for some reason I feel compelled to put this picture in there!

Oh, but that's not all!!

Yesterday he also decided to (finally!!) roll from his back to his belly. Now, this is not something he has mastered. It took about 10 mins and a lot of coaxing with a toy but we made it!

And then he promptly screamed his head off because he was stuck on his belly!

In other news ~ Ethan is a HUGE fan of his new ducky bathtub. It makes bathtime a lot easier on me since I'm not trying to keep him corralled in that small little infant tub. And he has the freedom to splash....and splash.....and kick......and splash!

That's all for now. Sunday is Ethan's half-birthday. If YouTube will cooperate ~ I'll post a piano video with his 6 month picture!!!

Love to all

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!

We had a wonderful first Christmas with our little guy. We celebrated with Charlie's family on Christmas Eve and then left to visit my family on Christmas Day. Our trip to Maryland was great and Ethan is such a good little traveler!!

How about a picture story from Ethan's view!?!?!

I know I'm only 5 1/2 months old but I think I might be able to steal Uncle Kevin's beer!

I got a new piano from Aunt Nonnie!

and helped Alisa open her new KitchenAid mixer.

Daddy's new video game is nummy!!

Hanging out at the airport with Daddy - waiting for our flight to Baltimore!

I slept for most of the plane ride

but when I woke up I was such a good boy and played with my toys! I even got a compliment from the man sitting behind me!

We looked like a circus act in the airport! Can you even believe how much I require when traveling!?!?

Meeting some of Mommy's family for the first time!

Cousin Abby wasn't quite sure what to do with me! So she gave me a kiss!

Abby got a fun jumping zebra!

I needed a quick nap before Aunt Nonnie, Uncle Henry, Steven, and Sarah arrived. Uncle Henry picked out this outfit when I was first born - and now it fits! Notice I had to sleep on butterfly sheets!! Oh the nightmares.........

We went to see the National Christmas tree. I was all bundled for the stroller ride from our parking spot to the tree.

The tree was very pretty!

We took a family photo in front of the Kansas tree!

and in front of the big tree!

My cousins Sarah and Michelle loved all over me!!

Then we went to Pennsylvania to visit Mommy's friend Heidi and her kids. Mommy remembered to bring the camera but forgot to ANY pictures. :o( BAD BAD MOMMY!!

But I did get my very first Tonka truck from Heidi (and family!!) and I love it!!

I slept in Abby's crib and tried to escape every night! Daddy took these pictures in the dark so they are a little fuzzy!

I LOVED visiting everyone but I was very happy to be back home with my own toys, and in my own living room.

I tried to help Mommy with the blog, but she kept telling me NoNo!

This new piano is SUPER fun!!!! Thanks Aunt Nonnie, Uncle Henry, Steven, and Sarah!!!