Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!!

We had a vicious cold snap here in wonderful Kansas from about Christmas to early January. We were under a blizzard warning for Christmas, and then got snow pretty much every few days for about 2 weeks. When it was all said and done we had about 20" of snow. But the worst part of it all were our temps. Snow is one thing - but the temperatures were crazy. There were a few days were our temp never got above ZERO and our wind chills were -20ish. Yes, that's a minus.

It was confirmed by the news that we were colder in Kansas than they were in Alaska. Now that's just wrong! And it was officially the coldest two weeks I have ever experienced IN.MY.LIFE. Let's hope the rest of the winter is a little nicer to us.

This is my kitchen window!

Dear Super Cooper,

Thanks for letting me come over to play today! Thanks for sharing your highchair, your slide, your squeegy, and your cookies! We will definitely have to plan another play day soon!

Your Bud,
Big E

More Baby Signs

Ethan's communication has exploded this past month. And while he isn't necessarily *saying* all of these words - he has learned a few new spoken words - he is definitely making it known what he wants!!

These video clips are from dinner tonight. The first one is a little long. You can see him trying to scoop up his mashed potatoes with his spoon. In the middle, you can hear him use the word "done". At the end, he signs "down please" and "help". We dont really know why he puts his head back and goes "ooooooo" when he says please, but he does.

And this really short one is "milk please"

Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

What a whirlwind the holidays have been. I mean, really, aren't they always?!?!

Here's a quick December recap for you........


On December 14th, Ethan got his ear tubes. The procedure was so quick and soooo needed. His ears were really bad. The ENT told us that he was sure it had been causing him some hearing troubles. In the 3 weeks since his tubes have gone in, we have noticed a LOT more babbling and even some actual words that we can understand. It was a great decision. He has started cutting his 2-yr molars. We are super excited about the prospect of cutting teething WITHOUT having an ear infection. I have friends who say it is possible.......but up to now, I can't say I believe them! We'll see!


Christmas decorations were light this year. I did not have the energy to chase Ethan away from every tiny nutcracker soldier or snowman on display. We put out our favorites and put a gate around our tree! It is our new normal.

I can help Mommy!

Hey! These aren't working!

Stand here so Daddy can take your picture

Yes, Ethan CAN be bribed by candy!!

This is REALLY good!!

What's so funny?!

I think this hat is too big!

What's under the tree?

Wow, look at this Christmas ball!


We visited Santa and mailed him a wish list of toys. We even had Sonic grilled cheese for dinner! What a fun night.


We celebrated Christmas early with Charlie's family (on the 23rd) because of a last minute flight change out of Kansas City. Turns out, KC had a Christmas blizzard!! I'm sorry we missed the snow, but I'm not sorry that we got out of town before it all arrived. I'm afraid we wouldn't have made it to Maryland for a few days. And sitting at the airport with a toddler was not high on my list of things to try!

Unfortunately, we forgot our camera when we went to Liz and Terry's for gifts. So you'll have to wait on Uncle BoBo to send me his pictures!! I promise to update when I get them.

Oh Uncle BoBo....we are waiting on you!!


Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's house was fun. Abby (my great-niece) is at such a fun age. She was so excited.

She helped her Daddy write a letter to Santa!

Signed with love and left with some cookies and milk!

Ethan was fascinated with Paw-Paw's cane!

Santa came!!!

Look at all these presents Mommy!!

What's in this bag?!?!

Ripping paper is fun!

Ethan tries the buttons on Abby's new giraffe

Abby got a new Dora table that Ethan absolutely LOVED!!

Let me do it Daddy!

Let's check the instructions first, Daddy

Ethan and Abby watching Yo Gabba Gabba on Ethan's new couch!

Aunt Nonnie helps Ethan build a puzzle


As a gift to my Mom and Dad, we all pitched in and had family photos done. They turned out great!

Mom, Dad, and Grandma

Our little family!

My sister's family

My sister-in-law's family

Mom, Dad, and their grandkids (and great-granddaughter!)

Grandma, her great-grandkids, and great-great-granddaughter!!

The whole gang!!

And a blooper shot!! This was one of the group shots. Look carefully at Charlie and Ethan. As you can see, Ethan was just about D.O.N.E. with all the picture taking and had just moments before this shot - smacked Charlie right in the face!!


We drove a long way to visit Heidi, Elise, Natalie, and Braden

And, as usual, Mommy forgot to take pictures while we were there!!


On Tuesday night, we bundled up and went to Washington D.C. to see the National Christmas tree.

It was a gorgeous tree! Ethan and Abby really enjoyed all the lights!


So that should catch you up until now. Happy New Year to everyone. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2010!