Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Baby Signs

Ethan's communication has exploded this past month. And while he isn't necessarily *saying* all of these words - he has learned a few new spoken words - he is definitely making it known what he wants!!

These video clips are from dinner tonight. The first one is a little long. You can see him trying to scoop up his mashed potatoes with his spoon. In the middle, you can hear him use the word "done". At the end, he signs "down please" and "help". We dont really know why he puts his head back and goes "ooooooo" when he says please, but he does.

And this really short one is "milk please"


harwooddoll said...

Ethan you are just to darn adorable. You gave those mash potatoes a run for their money, and you had total control over the milk cup. You just have to remember to come up for AIR !!!
I love my videos from Kansas.

Delores said...

That was sooo cute. Glad your feeling better liitle man love you very much....Maw Maw