Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's fun to chase a ball....

Guess who found the ball that was intended for his stocking??

(Sorry the video is so grainy....the battery was just about dead on the camera!)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! We hope you had a great time with our family. We had a very nice dinner at our house with Charlie's family.

And then Ethan helped Mommy check the Black Friday ads one last time!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ethan likes YELLOW!!

Jon, Liz, and Abby got this ballpit for Ethan for his birthday. He was a little scared of it at first, but has grown to LOOOVE it!! Last night he was putting two balls at a time and watching them go down the track. He was giggling while he was doing it - so cute! So I grabbed the camera to record! Then we realized that he was always picking the yellow balls. Sorry for the shaking camera, we were laughing too!! He continued playing until Daddy got up. And of course he had to go follow Daddy!!

and another one - just because!! Our little caveman is learning to use a spoon! He was doing a great job until he decided to turn his plate upside down!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boo at the Zoo

It's a bird.........It's a plane.........It's the Halloween Chicken!!!!

We took Ethan to Boo at the Zoo! Lots of fun! For a kid who refused to nap, he was actually in a pretty good mood! We got lots of comments about what a cute chicken he was......but of course - we already knew that!!!

I know Mommy packed cookies in here somewhere!!!

It's a long walk to Africa!

the colors at the zoo are beautiful in the fall!

Mommy's favorites!!

Big Boy!!

What's down there Daddy??

The Pumpkin Patch!

2 weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch. They had a TON of stuff for kids to do - Ethan was not excited about any of it. Turns out - we took him to daycare the next day and he was throwing up with a fever just 20ish minutes after I dropped him off. Poor kiddo. He was probably sick the whole weekend and we had no idea! But he picked a pumpkin! We're going to carve it soon so we can be all festive for Halloween!

Our little pumpkin

Yeah, it was really really cold outside!

Hey you Mr. Pumpkin........Get out of my wagon!!

and just because - a comparison

Pumpkin Patch 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2009

New Toys!

Did someone say new toys?!?!?

Ethan got a new basketball game!

"Hey Everybody!!! Guess what I can do now?!?!"