Thursday, April 17, 2008

Because I promised........

Here is my ever-growing belly! These pictures were taken on Monday April 14th when I was 28 weeks.

We also had a doctor's appt on Monday. Our appointment went great, we even got a quick peek at our little one again. I had my sugar test to check for gestational diabetes. The sugar drink I had to gulp down should have sent our baby on a sugar-induced frenzy. Not only was I not feeling a ton of movement like expected, I was barely feeling anything at all. The heartbeat was good but she still wanted to double-check on my fluid levels so off to the sonogram room we go.

Turns out, our baby sleeps a LOT when exposed to mass quantities of sugar! It was all curled up and comfy. We got to see the heart beating away. Saw the stomach full of fluid, which is good ~ means baby is swallowing properly. Saw the bladder full also, which is good because baby is processing fluids properly! My doctor was able to make out the parts of the heart and tried to point them out.......but I couldn't see what she was talking about!! After lots of poking and pushing, the baby wiggled a little and looked right at us! We saw the lips and even got a little smile. And then it's little eyelids opened up and we saw the eyeballs moving!! Freaky for sure but absolutely amazing all at the same time! It is so nice to know that baby is still doing well and very reassuring to get another peek!

Baby has been quite active since Monday, so nothing to worry about. Just being a bit stubborn on that particular day! So without further blabbering from is my big baby belly.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A HUGE Thank you, some furniture and jungle animals!!

First ~ a HUGE thank you to my friends and family in Maryland!! Charlie and I finally went online to spend all the Target gift cards from the shower. We get a 10% discount when we order online and Target was running free shipping through Saturday. So we figured it was now or never!! Because of your generosity, we were able to buy a rocker/glider chair with an ottoman for the nursery, our crib mattress and mattress pad, the changing pad, and the extra car seat base for Charlie's car. With the cash and checks we were also able to purchase our car seat and some really cute jungle pictures for the nursery! I'll post pictures when all of the Target items arrive, but I had to make sure I thanked everyone again! It is really exciting to see the nursery coming together.

And speaking of the nursery, we finally got the crib put together today. So the dresser and crib are all put together and we are waiting on the crib mattress for the finishing touch!

This is the dresser/hutch:

and this is the crib:

and these are the jungle animal prints that we got for the walls. I am absolutely in love with them!! I can't decide which one is my favorite!!!

Tomorrow (April 14th) is my 28 week appointment at the doctor's office. I have to take my sugar test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes. I am convinced I will fail it ~ if for no other reason than I have nightmares of my popcorn being taken away from me for 10+ more weeks! I also promise to update the belly pictures tomorrow. My belly is really growing quickly and I am getting one of those turkey-timer belly buttons! Ugh!!!

That's all for now........all our love!
Charlie, Beth, and Baby!!