Sunday, March 16, 2008

Baby.....YES!! Furniture.....YES!

It's been a long time since my last update....sorry! We had our 21w ultrasound on Monday, Feb 25th. Although we did not find out the sex (still holding strong!!) we did find out that we have a very healthy little one and that was the best news we could have asked for!! Everything is measuring perfect and we could not be happier!!

Here are some pics of our little one!

In this picture, baby's head is on the left and his/her hands are folded up on top of forehead is if s/he is praying!

A bit creepy....but this is a front face shot! Look carefully and you can see the eyes. Follow those down and you can see the big smile our baby gave us! It really is smiling!! The ultrasound tech said "Awww...look! You got a smile!"

This is a picture of the spine. Baby was annoyed with us and turned its back on us during the ultrasound! Baby's head is on the left, the spine curves upwards toward the right and the legs and feet are on the top of the picture!

Overall....a very cool experience! Baby is still breech but my doctor said she isn't concerned yet. There is still plenty of room in there and plenty of time to turn. The way this kid wiggles around, I'm sure it will turn 500 more times before July!


In other news, we got a crib and a dresser/hutch combo for the baby's room. We went out last weekend to a sale at USABaby and we were shocked by the prices. So on Sunday, we decided we should head to Nebraska Furniture Mart and start doing a little price checking. We wanted to be ready by mid-April to buy. We were very pleasantly surprised by what we found and ended up buying right away!!

We went back today and ordered the matching dresser/hutch set. That didn't end up working out in favor as much as we expected because we had to special order to get the same finish as the crib.....but it was still about the same price as we had planned for. The good news is, we have it ordered. The better news is that if we had not ordered today, we would be in a bit of trouble because it could take 6-8 weeks to arrive!!

So here are the pictures! I didn't take my camera so these are taken with my phone, but you can still see! I promise to update in about 2 months when it is all set up in our house!!

This is the crib, in the finish we purchased....called honey oak. It is a 4-in-1 convertible crib.

This is the side of the crib:

This is from the website. This is how the crib will convert later from crib to toddler bed, to daybed and finally to adult bed. We wanted furniture that could grow with our child and are very happy with what we found!

This is the dresser/hutch we got. It can be a changing table when needed and then turns into just a regular dresser with shelves. Again, functional for an infant but also a piece of furniture that can grow with the baby! We ordered it in the same honey oak finish as the crib.


And finally, I left you with pictures at week 20. I've grown quite a bit since then. My waist is nearly gone and so is my belly button! I had to break down and by a few pair of maternity pants. I have quite a few maternity capris but it's not getting warm enough quick enough and I have to wear something to work!! Even though tomorrow is week 24, I'm updating today so you get weeks 21 - 23 for right now and you'll have to wait until after my trip to Maryland for more!