Wednesday, April 25, 2007


We could not be more excited if we tried!!! We closed on our house today at 5pm!! We drove immediately to pick up pizza and met his family there for dinner! It was wonderful. We are so excited to get moved in and get started making it ours!!

Last night, we spent some time at Lowe's picking out paint. We tried out some colors tonight to get an idea of what they look like and we are pleased. We think we are going to go with the green in the kitchen and the wall with the back door. The main living area, hallway, entry area, top part of basement, master bedroom and speckled room (oh, just wait till you look at the pictures!!) will be the tan color on the bottom of the dining room picture. The top one is just a bit too white. The dark blue is going in the purple room - that will be our guest bedroom. The hallway bathroom is staying the sage color and the master bathroom is staying the orange/brown color.

So here is the link to all the pictures! We wanted a picture in front of our house, but it has been pouring BUCKETS of rain all day. Plus, the sellers just finished moving and their trash was all piled up out front. So we are going to wait for a nicer, sunnier, trash free day and ask our realtor to bring a "sold" sign over for us to borrow for a Kodak Moment!!!
Happy viewing and we can't wait to share more of our painting adventures! Thanks for all your love/support during the house buying process. I can't say enough how truly excited we are!!

Now I must go pack my suitcase!! I'm heading to Maryland in 22 hours to see my new baby great-niece!!!!

Love to all ~ Charlie and Beth

Saturday, April 21, 2007

New Hair!!

Yup ~ I cut it again! I have decided not to fight the natural curl anymore. On a day-to-day basis, I need to just accept that I have curly hair. So I needed a cut that would allow me to embrace my curls! Here it is! Yes, this is what my hair naturally does. My stylist put some mousse in it to keep it from frizzing, dried it about 1/2 way with a diffuser and VIOLA! This is what you get. I think I can handle that!

Let me know what you think!! Oh, and P.S. - we are closing on our house on April 25th!!! BEFORE my trip to Maryland!! 4 more days!!! Wow!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Let the packing begin!!

Yes! I admit I probably should have already started but......well......never mind! I could come up with at least 15 reasons why I haven't, but who cares! We officially close in 12 days! We are going to own a house in 12 days!!!! And then last night we find out that if it can be figured out, the sellers would really like to close on the 25th!! So we may be homeowners in just ONE WEEK!!! I really need to get busy with those boxes! ;o)

It's such a busy time right now for both of us. Charlie is just over one month away from graduation and things are going at full speed at school. End of year music shows, awards ceremonies, field trips, P.E. day and cookouts.....oh yeah - and grade cards! It'll be a wonder if we both make it to the end of May with our sanity! But it will all be worth it because we will officially own our very first house! And for that reason alone - we are blessed!!

I promise to post pics of the house for EVERYONE to see as soon as it is officially ours! I'm a bit superstitious about jumping too quickly!! I know you all understand. to grade some papers, cook dinner, throw in a load of laundry, watch American Idol.....and oh yeah ~ GET BUSY PACKING!!!!

Love to everyone ~ us!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Snow and Kitchen stuff!

Yes - it did snow last night!! It's April 14th and there is SNOW on my car!! We were very lucky that it rained buckets all day yesterday - so most of the snow didn't stick. I think we could have been in big trouble if it hadn't rained!!!

Last night was my school's annual Silent Auction. Last year we got our new patio set, this year I got some more fun stuff! I got a green basket FULL of kitchen stuff!! It has a little cutting board, a pyrex glass bowl with a pour spout, some kitchen scrubbies, some spatulas, some cookie cutters, more kitchen towels, a 32-piece rubbermaid bowl/lid set, and lots more! I also got a cute little Dahlia plant and some plant food (for $4!!), a loaf of Strawberry Hill Povitica bread, and a b-day gift for my sister ~ so I can't tell what that is!!

I also wasted some time at Target yesterday and got some bathroom stuff for our new house! The hallway bathroom is a sage green color. Our current 1/2 bath is also done with sage, so it won't be hard to add to that! I got a lotion/soap pump, a shower curtain, adn some palm tree shower hooks!

It's all coming together - we are SO SO excited about moving! Can't wait to share house pics with everyone!

Love to everyone ~ us!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rain, Rain ~ Go Away!!

So, it's pouring down rain today. Has been since 10:36 today!!! Why do I know it was exactly 10:36.......well my friends, we go to recess at 10:35!!!! Ugh! What is with this Kansas weather in April?!?!?!?

I'm still trying to figure out how to put a picture on this blog! I would love to add a pic of our "almost" new house! The inspection went great and the sellers agreed to give us cash at closing for all the things on the list of "to-do" from the inspection. It means a little extra work for us, but we are glad that we get to make it our own. We are still scheduled to close on April 30th!!

Ok, I really should get back to tinkering with these settings to see if I can add a picture!

Love to everyone ~ us!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Here It Is!!

Well ~ here it is! Our first post in our new blog! We hope to be able to share our house-buying adventure, and all of our other adventures, with all of you through this blog. Check back often for new posts and pictures!