Saturday, April 14, 2007

Snow and Kitchen stuff!

Yes - it did snow last night!! It's April 14th and there is SNOW on my car!! We were very lucky that it rained buckets all day yesterday - so most of the snow didn't stick. I think we could have been in big trouble if it hadn't rained!!!

Last night was my school's annual Silent Auction. Last year we got our new patio set, this year I got some more fun stuff! I got a green basket FULL of kitchen stuff!! It has a little cutting board, a pyrex glass bowl with a pour spout, some kitchen scrubbies, some spatulas, some cookie cutters, more kitchen towels, a 32-piece rubbermaid bowl/lid set, and lots more! I also got a cute little Dahlia plant and some plant food (for $4!!), a loaf of Strawberry Hill Povitica bread, and a b-day gift for my sister ~ so I can't tell what that is!!

I also wasted some time at Target yesterday and got some bathroom stuff for our new house! The hallway bathroom is a sage green color. Our current 1/2 bath is also done with sage, so it won't be hard to add to that! I got a lotion/soap pump, a shower curtain, adn some palm tree shower hooks!

It's all coming together - we are SO SO excited about moving! Can't wait to share house pics with everyone!

Love to everyone ~ us!

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Donna said... can tell us what you got your sister for her b-day...oh can see my name huh??!! rofl....keep us posted! xoxox