Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Let the packing begin!!

Yes! I admit I probably should have already started but......well......never mind! I could come up with at least 15 reasons why I haven't, but who cares! We officially close in 12 days! We are going to own a house in 12 days!!!! And then last night we find out that if it can be figured out, the sellers would really like to close on the 25th!! So we may be homeowners in just ONE WEEK!!! I really need to get busy with those boxes! ;o)

It's such a busy time right now for both of us. Charlie is just over one month away from graduation and things are going at full speed at school. End of year music shows, awards ceremonies, field trips, P.E. day and cookouts.....oh yeah - and grade cards! It'll be a wonder if we both make it to the end of May with our sanity! But it will all be worth it because we will officially own our very first house! And for that reason alone - we are blessed!!

I promise to post pics of the house for EVERYONE to see as soon as it is officially ours! I'm a bit superstitious about jumping too quickly!! I know you all understand. to grade some papers, cook dinner, throw in a load of laundry, watch American Idol.....and oh yeah ~ GET BUSY PACKING!!!!

Love to everyone ~ us!!!


jamin5 said...

It's soooo tough to get motivated to pack!! We move so much (we've moved 5 times since we got married in '98), but we still don't enjoy the packing!

Donna said...

Just look at the big are moving into your OWN house!! yippeee!! smooches!!