Sunday, September 30, 2007

Parade of Homes

We went out looking at houses today on the KC Parade of Homes. They are mostly Models of new homes being built ~ but WOW!!!! Sometimes it is just fun to go and look at million dollar homes!! Of course, we didn't think far enough in advance to take the camera....but we did have my phone and it takes pretty good pictures!! Here are some pictures of the two homes we looked at in the million dollar range!

From the outside:

We saw some amazing living rooms and kitchens. The architecture was gorgeous!!

One thing I can tell you that we left with......some serious bathroom and closet envy!! Oh My GOSH!!! The bathrooms and closets in these homes were just breathtaking!!! We will have a "shower room" in our next house if we have to rob a bank for it!!

This is the bathroom. Behind the tub is a glass window....that is the shower room. It is open on both sides and is (honestly!!) about the size of our smallest bedroom!! There are no doors, just a step into it. It was all tiled and had at least 3 different shower heads!!! Off to the back/right of the picture you can see the beginning of the closet......I got pictures of that too!!

This closet was in the other home, but it was seriously LARGER than our current master bedroom!!!

And this is the second shower. It isn't the size of a room, and it was only open on one side ~ but it was a very large "nook" and was definately more open than a normal shower stall.

That's all. We had a really good time looking and oooohing and aaaaahing.....but we left and decided that we would never spend that much on a home. There wasn't anything about the house that cost $1.2 million that justified spending that much on it!! But we will most definately have one of those "shower rooms/nooks" and a significantly larger closet the next time around!

Now......I should go check my powerball ticket ~ just in case!

Love to all,
Charlie and Beth

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Labor Day Projects!!

Last weekend, we took advantage of sales and did some house project shopping. We have been hoping to replace the faucets in the bathroom sinks since we moved in. The old one were so small you would bang your hands when you tried to wash them!! So off we go to Lowes! We found the exact ones that were in our bathrooms for $25!! No wonder we hated them! We found some new ones that look great with the brushed nickel doorknobs and towel fixtures! Charlie got them both installed over the weekend! Here are some pictures!


And After:

And our other project! We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart to wander around and kill some time, and wandered out the proud owners of a new dining table. We have been talking about buying a new counter-top height table with MATCHING CHAIRS (I know, crazy concept!!) for a long time now. They were having a Labor Day sale that was almost too good to be true and we snatched it up! We went today to pick it up and Charlie got it all put together!!! It has 6 bar stools with swivel seats. The table has a leaf that folds into the table when we don't need it. We plan to keep it at the smaller size with 4 chairs. The other two are at our countertop, something we have also wanted to do since we moved in. Here are some pictures of the new table!!

Full size seating for 6!

Smaller sized with just 4 chairs.

So that's all for now. More house projects for your viewing pleasure! Maybe one day we will have pictures on the walls!!