Monday, August 30, 2010

Wanna Play?!?!

It's almsot September 1st. That means in 3 weeks and 3 days (or less - ack!), we will meet our newest little family member. We will find out if Ethan has a baby sister or a baby brother.

What do you think?????

Who is joining our family?

Hannah Elizabeth??


Zachary Jerome??

sidenote: Charlie and I purposely chose different genders! He has had a few dreams about a girl. I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what this baby will be!!

Click below -- have fun!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

5 weeks.....35 days......

Baby #2 will be joining us in just 5 short weeks. That's only 35 days for those of you who couldn't do that quick math! ACK! That's coming really really fast!!

so here's an update, since I haven't done one since 29w and I'm not just a little past 34w. These stats are from my last appt on August 10th.

Blood Pressure: 130/80...creeping up a little bit but the heat index has been 100+ for almost a month. I have increased my water to a goal of 3L per day. that's about 90 oz!!! Yeah, I pee a lot
Weight: +5, +21 total
Movement: TONS!! this baby is busy!
Heartrate: 145 -- tends to hover right around this number at all appts.
Next Appt: next Thursday - Aug 26th, and then weekly after that

We have our hospital appointment this Saturday (21st). Nothing exciting really. Just filling out all paperwork and copying of insurance cards, so we dont have to do it when we arrive. No need to tour the labor & delivery, since we have seen all possible parts already (birthing rooms, mommy&me rooms, NICU, nursery, OR, ....)

and for your ENORMOUS belly. Yes, my back does hurt from carrying all my weight directly in front of me. Yes, my feet are swelling like marshmallows in a microwave. Yes, it sucks to get through an entire day of teaching 6/7 year-olds. YES, I'm sure there is only one baby in there! YES, I'm very very D~O~N~E being pregnant. but NO, we are not ready to have this baby. Still too early. Baby needs to cook a little bit longer and we need to finish up the nursery!