Friday, July 31, 2009

Music and Goats!!

This is my last week home with Ethan this summer. It has been great to spend this time with him. I have really enjoyed our days of playing and going to do fun stuff. But it has really made me realize that I am not (at least not yet!) cut out to be a stay-at-home Mom.

On Wednesday, we met up with Paige and her Mommy at Deanna Rose Farmstead This is the same farm we went to for Mother's Day. We had a great time and I think the kids enjoyed themselves. I'm pretty sure Paige enjoyed it much more than Ethan. But at least he had fun riding in his stroller!! And I got some fresh air and adult conversation!

We fed the goats!

Paige LOVED the goats!!

She pet the goats.....

tried to climb in WITH the goats......

blew kisses to the goats......

Ethan?!??! NOT a fan of the goats!!

We took the kids into the petting area! Paige was clapping and laughing. The big white one was trying to eat Natalie's shirt!

Ethan climbed up my neck like a spider monkey!!

Then we took some time out of the strollers to play at the barnyard playground. Ethan took this chance to try and escape!

He and Paige enjoyed the swings!

As we got ready to leave, we decided we should try and get a picture of the kids together! Let me tell you how difficult it is to take a picture of two toddlers....TOGETHER!

This is the best we could do!

And then it was Paige's turn to try to escape!

I think Ethan had a good time!

Two tired Mommas, two tired toddlers.....we probably should have tried to get this picture when we first arrived!


Free Friday Concert Series! Our city has free concerts every Friday in the summer. The park is less than a mile from our house. Two years ago we went to the Liverpool concert. They are great, and of course Charlie really enjoyed it!! Last year we didn't make it because it was only 2 weeks after Ethan was born. So we were super excited to take our little guy to this year's concert. We had fun!

Playing with toys while Daddy goes to get us dinner!


All fall down

The band is starting. We stayed pretty far back from the stage area to keep the music volume to a lower level and to stay out of the more crowded areas. It was a perfect spot!

Enjoying the music with Daddy

Look who stole Daddy's chair!! (sorry this one is dark)

Getting's past bedtime

Hopefully I will have another post up this weekend. We are waiting for Ethan's 1-yr photos to be done! I know they turned out great!

Love to all!
Charlie, Beth, and Ethan

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy 3 Years!

Happy Anniversary to us!

Monday, July 27, 2009

One Year Update!!

Ethan had his 1-yr well visit on Friday. He is growing like crazy!

Weight = 20lbs 14.5oz
Height = 29inches
Head = um.....just right?!?!? (i can't remember!)

Anyway, overall he is doing great. We are still working on some texture/eating issues but man is he making progress by leaps and bounds! Just tonight he ate dinner WITH US!! Meatloaf and sweet potato chunks! And he was seriously putting away some meatloaf!

His reflux medicine has been changed to one he only has to take 1x per day. We are still hoping he will outgrow it very soon. He is doing great on whole milk. He LOVES milk in his sippy cup and will fight you if you try to take it away!!

Some pictures.........

Ethan's new trick (taken with my phone in very little light - sorry)

Playing with Daddy at the doctor's office

Trying out his new swing

Playing with his new Cozy Coupe car!!

And just for fun ~ guess what I was doing three years ago today?!?!?!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Hair Cut

Thursday 17th we took Ethan for his first haircut. It wasn't a huge cut, but he was getting some seriously scraggly hairs that were driving his Daddy nuts!

So here you go!

I'm not letting this cell phone go! Don't even try it!

Hey, that tickles!!

Look at my new do!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is the number of miles that we put on the car over the past week! It was a long drive to/from Maryland but worth every minute! Ethan had a fantastic birthday party and we enjoyed visiting with my family. And!

Playing with Daddy's phone in the car

One of many car naps....

Chasing ants at a rest stop on I-64

Mommy has a bottle!!


It's lunchtime!!

Birthday cake

Ethan's cake

Cake is good!

Ethan likes his birthday card!

Lots of books for his birthday!!

Tissue paper is fun!!

This book makes fun noises!

Ethan shares a birthday with my cousin Chuck! Here they are sporting their birthday shirts!!

Chuck has a few *extra* ones!

We went to Sandy Point State Park while we were there! Ethan got his first visit to the Chesapeake Bay! Um...let's just say he is NOT a fan!!

Yay! I'm at the beach!

What is this stuff??

Wait!! I dont think I like this stuff at all!!

Michelle and Abby enjoy the bay water!

Mommy and Ethan check out the water

"Do NOT put me down in this sand lady!!"

I warned you!!

Daddy and Ethan check out the beach

A family photo - it was the best we could do!!

Much happier in his stroller eating snacks!

Beautiful view of the Bay Bridge!

I know there are a ton more photos out there of his party - I just don't have all of them uploaded yet! I'll edit this post and add more when I find them!!!