Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Happy!! Happy!!! Happy!!!!

Happy ::::cough cough:::: Birthday Mom!!

Happy 35th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!

All our love from many miles away ~ Charlie and Beth

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Doorknobs, and Switches, and Plugs ~ OH MY!!

We are officially all moved in to our house and we are hard at work on all those "little things"!! This weekend, we replaced all the doorknobs, and most of the switches and electrical outlets. The doorknobs were really old and gross! We wanted to change the entry locks anyway, so we bought all the same style and changed the doorknobs throughout the house. I even did a bunch of them myself! I felt very important!!

As for the switches and plugs....well, some of them were okay. Some of them were broken - as in physically broken into pieces!! And some of them were painted on - all sorts of interesting colors!! So, as we replaced the necessary ones, we again decided that it would just look better to have everything matching! It's so nice to have an electrically educated hubby who can do this sort of thing for us!! We finished the living room, dining room, both bathrooms, and all three rooms. Still have to do the kitchen and the basement ~ but right now, we can't even FIND the outlets in the basement from all the stacked boxes!!

So that's all the big news for now! Here are some pics of our hard work!

Lots of switches and plugs ~ just waiting to be installed!!

See ~ I am useful!!!

Yeah for my electrical engineer!!

Old and new doorknobs!!

Old and new outlets!!

Old and new switches!!! (and what they look like on the inside!!)

Ok, that's all for now!

Love to everyone!! Charlie and Beth