Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sn-OMG!-storm 2011

We are under a blizzard warning. According to the news, this is only the 2nd time in Kansas City history. The first time was Christmas 2009. We missed that one since we left early to get to Maryland.

We are currently forecasted to get around 14" of snow today. That will fall somewhere in the Top 3 snowfall totals for a single day in the KC metro area. I've decided if we are going to get all this snow, I should document it!

So....assuming my children allow me to.....I will take pictures about every hour. I'll try to take the same angle of both the front and back yards.

Here it comes!!

Tuesday, Feb. 1st



I missed 9am. Hannah woke up and demanded to have a bottle. She's a bossy little thing! I also made blueberry muffins with my favorite little boy!


snow is picking up and really starting to stick. It's very very windy. the small accumulation we have is already starting to drift. you can see it on my back porch.


the traffic on 127th is slowing WAY down. there are stretches of 10+ minutes where I dont see a car at all. you can't tell where my driveway ends and where the road begins. that will all change when charlie gets outside with his dad's snow blower! he's on his way home from work. in the backyard, you can just barely see the bottom of Ethan's t-ball stand

12 Noon

Charlie got home from work at 11:30 and his tire tracks are barely visible in this noon picture. He said the roads are not good at all. Best estimates are that we have about 4". the steps in front of our house have just about disappeared. T-ball base is also just about gone! The drift on our porch continues to grow.


Tire tracks are completely gone. So is the t-ball base. Charlie is headed out to make the first attack of the driveway. More pics when he is done. It is COLD COLD COLD out there!! The traffic light/intersection in the last picture is about 1/8 mile from my back deck. Visibility is B-A-D!!

1:30 - attacking the driveway


you can't even tell he touched the driveway!! we are in the middle of the heaviest part of the storm right now. the snowflakes that are falling are ENORMOUS and they are definitely accumulating quickly. local weather blog says about 2"/hour. we have about another 3 hours at this rate - i'm sure you can do the math! it's hard to tell with the huge drifts - but i'm going to guess we have about 7+ inches right now!


Intersection is gone!