Monday, July 27, 2009

One Year Update!!

Ethan had his 1-yr well visit on Friday. He is growing like crazy!

Weight = 20lbs 14.5oz
Height = 29inches
Head = um.....just right?!?!? (i can't remember!)

Anyway, overall he is doing great. We are still working on some texture/eating issues but man is he making progress by leaps and bounds! Just tonight he ate dinner WITH US!! Meatloaf and sweet potato chunks! And he was seriously putting away some meatloaf!

His reflux medicine has been changed to one he only has to take 1x per day. We are still hoping he will outgrow it very soon. He is doing great on whole milk. He LOVES milk in his sippy cup and will fight you if you try to take it away!!

Some pictures.........

Ethan's new trick (taken with my phone in very little light - sorry)

Playing with Daddy at the doctor's office

Trying out his new swing

Playing with his new Cozy Coupe car!!

And just for fun ~ guess what I was doing three years ago today?!?!?!