Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is the number of miles that we put on the car over the past week! It was a long drive to/from Maryland but worth every minute! Ethan had a fantastic birthday party and we enjoyed visiting with my family. And!

Playing with Daddy's phone in the car

One of many car naps....

Chasing ants at a rest stop on I-64

Mommy has a bottle!!


It's lunchtime!!

Birthday cake

Ethan's cake

Cake is good!

Ethan likes his birthday card!

Lots of books for his birthday!!

Tissue paper is fun!!

This book makes fun noises!

Ethan shares a birthday with my cousin Chuck! Here they are sporting their birthday shirts!!

Chuck has a few *extra* ones!

We went to Sandy Point State Park while we were there! Ethan got his first visit to the Chesapeake Bay! Um...let's just say he is NOT a fan!!

Yay! I'm at the beach!

What is this stuff??

Wait!! I dont think I like this stuff at all!!

Michelle and Abby enjoy the bay water!

Mommy and Ethan check out the water

"Do NOT put me down in this sand lady!!"

I warned you!!

Daddy and Ethan check out the beach

A family photo - it was the best we could do!!

Much happier in his stroller eating snacks!

Beautiful view of the Bay Bridge!

I know there are a ton more photos out there of his party - I just don't have all of them uploaded yet! I'll edit this post and add more when I find them!!!


Delores said...

I miss you already......

Donna said...

It was SO great seeing yall! I miss you guys already too! *Big Hugs*