Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ethan likes YELLOW!!

Jon, Liz, and Abby got this ballpit for Ethan for his birthday. He was a little scared of it at first, but has grown to LOOOVE it!! Last night he was putting two balls at a time and watching them go down the track. He was giggling while he was doing it - so cute! So I grabbed the camera to record! Then we realized that he was always picking the yellow balls. Sorry for the shaking camera, we were laughing too!! He continued playing until Daddy got up. And of course he had to go follow Daddy!!

and another one - just because!! Our little caveman is learning to use a spoon! He was doing a great job until he decided to turn his plate upside down!!!


harwooddoll said...

I tell you what.....he is just to darn cute and SMART!!! Didn't take him anytime at all to figure out the YELLOW ones worked everytime. He din't fool around he kept em going - two - at a time no less. Beth and Charlie just wanted to thank you for keeping us so up to date on Ethan growing up.
I know how busy ya'll must be and yet you always share. Thanks luv ya bunches.

Donna said...

LOL...Love it!! He was being sooo gentle with the balls. He didnt want them to fall off! LOL...And he is so proud of himself using the spoon! Yay Kernal!! Such a big boy!!! I love yall!!

Delores said...

I could just hear him giggle, that little man giggle. He is growing so fast. I was amazed at how he knew to just give a little puish to the balls to make them go. Most kids would have cried. I am really looking to seeing you guys, and soon. Love ya Mom

Kentiga said...

I love how he was only grabbing the yellow ones, too cute!!