Saturday, August 30, 2008

Almost 7 weeks.........

Ethan is almost 7 weeks old! It has been both the longest and the shortest 7 weeks of our lives!

In eating news:

He is doing great on his golden formula! We don't have another (scheduled) appt with the pediatrician until mid-September for his two-month check up and shots. We are currently taking bets on whether we will make it four full weeks without a visit to Dr. M!! In his first 4 weeks of life, Ethan visited Dr. M at least 6 times......maybe more! What will she do without us?!?!

He loves to eat and his weight is showing it! In my most scientific of ways (I stepped on the scale and then stepped back on while holding him) I'm guessing he weighs around 10.5 pounds! No doubt he is gaining weight. He has outgrown all of his newborn clothes and newborn diapers!! When he has to give up his bottle to burp, he gets REALLY REALLY angry!! And when he wakes up from a long nap and realizes how hungry he is.......he is REALLY REALLY angry!!

In fun news:

Ethan loves his rainforest play mat. I know I told you that last time....but seriously, this kid adores those animals!! He smiles at them, and talks to them, and kicks to the music, and swings his arms like crazy. He is trying really hard to reach the toys except he hasn't quite mastered how to use his hands!!

He loves to smile at everything and is beginning to make noises that sound like laughs!! It is so reassuring to know that he can make noises other than "WAAAAAA WAAAA WAAAAA"

And sometimes he even sleeps!! We are starting to try and get him used to sleeping in his pack'n'play bassinet. It has to be elevated to help his reflux or he will spit up and get very uncomfortable. Right now he isn't very fond of sleeping in the bassinet and we honestly haven't even tried the crib!! But he does love to sit in his boppy and watch the ocean wonders in his crib while I fold his laundry!

And sometimes, when the planets are properly aligned and we say all the right magical words.....

In all honesty, about 4 or 5 nights a week ~ he will sleep about 6 hours at night! And we certainly can't complain about that!!

So that's what is new in our world for right now. Thanks for checking on us!


Sarah said...

More video, please!! It makes me feel like I'm able to meet him (can't wait for that day for real...).
So, so, so cute. I actually want to reach through the computer and pinch his cheeks.

Donna said...

Yay!! What a "lil man" he is!! I am so glad he is healthy and strong and doin' good!!
Love yall~
Donna/Aunt Nonnie

Delores said...

Thank you for keeping Maw-Maw & Paw-Paw updated on the "little man's" progress. He is certainly growing by leaps and bounds. Soooo cute and that smile will melt your heart....I love you guys. Keep me posted and please give my "Lucky #7" a big kiss from me....