Thursday, July 1, 2010

Second Baby Syndrome....


Poot Baby#2. Already a victim of "second baby syndrome". It just occurred to me today, at 27w2d, that I had not made a video of this baby's heartbeat. I had Ethan's heartbeat on YouTube at 16 weeks. Yeah, that's 11 weeks and 2 days late for anyone keeping track. In my defense (or just an excuse, you decide!) this baby had an anterior placenta, that only just moved it's way up about 3 or so weeks ago. So there you have it! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I'm officially in my last trimester, and since this baby will be a planned c-section I'm likely about 12 weeks away from having a second child. That little tidbit of information scares the bujeebers out me! Charlie and I were making a list of any items we might need for the new baby - we really don't need too much since we still have all of Ethan's baby gear and it was all gender neutral. Crib, crib mattress, and dresser/changing table are purchased...although still in the garage! We know we need new nipples for our baby bottles, definitely some new binkies, maybe a few crib sheets and burp clothes....but really, that's it. And then it hits me -- oh yeah, I should probably also invest in some newborn sized diapers!! Poor kid. Ethan's size 5s would eat him/her alive!!

I swear, I'm going to blink and this baby is going to be here. And all of a sudden, I'm going to remember a million things that baby's need - that I have forgotten to purchase. Good thing we live really close to a 24-hr WalMart :o)

Here are a few new pics, and baby's heartbeat. I never get tired of listening to it! :o) It really is the best sound ever!


Heartbeat = approx. 145/minute

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