Tuesday, July 13, 2010

29w appt

Blood Pressure: good, forgot to ask the number
Weight: +4 more this appt, +16 total
Movement: TONS!! this baby is busy!
Heartrate: 145 -- although, I'm surprised it wasn't higher after the glucose sugar drink!
Next Appt: July 27th, every 2 weeks now. That means we are getting really close! ACK!!

In other news..........BABY HAS A BIRTHDAY!! After everything checked out fine, Dr. K says "Ok, let's look at this calendar. When are we going to have this baby?" I nearly had a panic attack. I mean, obviously I know I'm having a baby and I realize I'm getting pretty close. But to actually set the date, that was more than I was expecting! I think it actually hit me - RIGHT THEN - that I'm having another baby in 10 weeks. That's not very long!!

So, unless something changes between now and then - this baby will be officially joining our family on Thursday, September 23rd at 7:30am.

and for your amusement -- my gigantic round belly. I swear I'm as big now as I was when I had Ethan. I even asked Dr. K if that was true. She looked back and told me no. In fact, pound-for-pound I'm just about the exact same size. Gained pretty much the same amount so far and on track to finish out just like I did with Ethan. Crazy!!

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