Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Picture Parade!

(and a video too!)

I have lots of pictures to share, and not a lot of words. ya go!

Happy Anniversary to us! For our 4th anniversary, we got ourselves a new coffee maker :o)

My good friend Audrey (Kentiga Photography) took Ethan's 2-yr photos. They turned out great!!

Ethan got a new set of bath crayons and some fun shaving foam for his birthday!

We set up the baby swing to get Ethan used to the idea of having it in the living room. We borrowed a "creepy baby" from Ethan's friend Paige!

So far, he is only interested in squeezing baby's head. Yeah, we'll work on that!

He likes to wear Daddy's shoes

It has been so so hot here lately - heat index up/above 100 - 115. So it was nice to get back outside and play!

Bubble fun in the backyard!

He got a new t-ball set for his birthday! It was our first chance to get outside and try it out. Not bad for his first try!


harwooddoll said...

Oh my God Ethan you are just to adorable. Beth please don't tell Ethan any bad things about his aunt Doris ( like the sucking your brains out thingy .....even though some may be true lol) Give hime a big hug and kiss from me and tel him I love him
Aunt Doris

Delores said...

I can not wait to see you guys. Thank you for helping me watch him grow. Love Mom