Saturday, December 13, 2008

A visit to Santa......and more!!

Today we went to see Santa at the mall. Ethan was less than thrilled, but not really scared either. It's a funny picture, and one we can laugh at for years and years to come. That's what these Santa pictures are all about right?!?

We also wrapped him up in some Christmas lights today!! I had seen a bunch of these pictures on the internet and thought they were so stinkin' cute! I dont have a super fancy camera, but we had a great time watching him so amazed by the lights!!

Thursday, December 11th ~ Ethan was officially 5 months old. He is growing so fast!

He is sleeping in his crib now.........

and already trying to escape!

And we FINALLY caught him laughing on video!!!!! He has been laughing for weeks now, but everytime we get him laughing and then turn on the video camera - he turns and stares at the camera in awe! So we had to get sneaky!! He gets a bunch of good laughs in before he notices the Christmas lights off in another direction ~ and that's when I lost the battle!!


Donna said...

OOOOOO....lights!! LOL...I just love his laugh...I was laughing along with him! he he he
Luv yall~

Kentiga said...

Aww I love his laughs!!

allsmilesinkc said...

that is so cute!