Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our old friend........


Poor Ethan has had a cold for almost a month. After a two day hunger strike (Sunday and Monday) I called the nurse line at our pedi's office and they said we needed to come in and get checked out. So I took the day off Tuesday - sidenote: I am starting to feel like the substitute in my own class - and off we go to visit Dr. M!

The good: the hunger strike has not caused my chunky baby any issues at all. He has gained 1.5lbs since his 4 month appt. He is now tipping the scales at 16lbs 3oz! No wonder my back hurts.

The better: his lungs sound great, everything (major) checks out just fine. he just has a nasty nasty upper respiratory virus that wont let go. Being in daycare doesn't help matters, but we are very lucky that he is at an in-home daycare with less kids than a center, and we have a very diligent provider (armed with Lysol!!) Being a first-grade teacher also doesn't help him. I very likely bring home tons of germs on my clothes that don't bother us one bit but end up on him. So we can prepare for a long winter full of colds, but so far so good with no infections.

The ugly: the return of the reflux :o( Poor kid. we had been very hopeful at his 4 month check-up that he had outgrown the reflux. But over the past month he has been doing a TON more spitting up and is just all around more fussy in the evenings than usual. We also learned that the reflux can cause congestion AND a there is a chance that what we thought was just a cold - could have been the reflux all along. So we are back on the meds again, at least through cold season. It isn't anywhere NEAR as bad as it was when he was a newborn, but it has to be horribly uncomfortable to have acid reflux when you are so tiny and you can't even curse about it.

And now..........a picture!

Hey look! There's a baby in there!

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Kentiga said...

Poor Ethan, I hope he gets to feeling better soon!