Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry (almost!!) Christmas!!

Not a good chance of me blogging tomorrow or Christmas day........so here I am today!

We are getting very excited about visiting family in Maryland ~ but nervous about the flight!! We hope our little guy is a good traveler!

I have not had a chance to share our new tree skirt! Charlie's Mom made it for us. The trim, stars, and snowmen are made out of pieces of my wedding dress.

This year for Christmas, Ethan is getting a new carseat. Here is Daddy trying to figure out the finer details........

Ethan and I were watching!

Ethan is not so sure about this new seat.........

or maybe it was just because he is a little fussy today. A few silly faces and some noises and this is what you get..........

Next step ~ install the seat in the car! Wish us luck!!

And finally, Ethan's new ornaments for this year. The first is a series of "sugar cookie" number ornaments! We can't wait to buy him a new one each year.

and this one is from Ethan's Great-Uncle Tom. He brought it to us in the hospital when Ethan was born!

So that's it. Merry Christmas. I'm sure there will be plenty of fun blogs and LOTS of pictures when we return from Maryland.

Love to everyone!
Charlie, Beth, and Ethan


Donna said...

The tree skirt is just awesome! What a treasured thing to have! And the carseat...love it...he he he...**not just cause it looks like a black/white cow or anything** LOL Cant wait to see yall!!
Lots of love!!~

Jagged Diary said...

The tree skirt is so pretty!!! How cool to have pieces of your wedding dress on something you can use year after year.

Delores said...

Sorry I'm so late looking at the blog, but the skirt is beautiful.