Thursday, July 10, 2008

a NON update..........

Short and (not so) sweet..........We are home. ;o(

We got to the hospital at 8pm last night. After 30 mins of waiting, a nurse came to tell us that it was a very crazy night there and they didn't have a nurse for us yet. She sent us home to call her at 10pm. We came back home, killed a bunch of time and called at 10. We were told, "Nope. Sorry. We'll call you soon."

We got a call from the same nurse around 11. She said they still had nowhere for us and my doctor would call us in the morning. She tells us "Try to get a good night's sleep."......Yeah right!

Phone call came at 7am this morning. We go back and try again at 7pm tonight. :o( 7/10 baby for us. I'm beyond bummed. Only because I am just soooo ready and now this. I spend another day waiting and nervous and anxious and excited ~ all tied up in this one body......that I still have to share.

I'm pretty sure Charlie and I are just going to turn off all the phones and computers in the house and try to relax today. Don't be offended if you can't reach us.

Baby news tomorrow.........we hope!


brendak976 said...

I know you are bummed :( I dont understand doctors sometimes but they say everything happens for a reason (even if we dont know what it is) Try to get some relax time and spend the day with Charlie you guys will be Mom & Dad this time tomorrow crossing my fingers for ya .....and now you are gonna have to do "Thursday Sunflower" hehehe has a catchy ring to it :) Love ya and keep your chin up


Barb said...

well, all I can say is that when you get to the hospital, grab the doc by his neck & squeeze real hard..LOL
I'm not gonna sugar coat anything here...I know exactly how you feel & I'd be pretty upset too. I was told Peyton would be born on Jan 17th & I went through a similar situation & ended up not being able to get back in for the "real thing" until the 22nd!! Just know that the 11th will be a special & most precious day in you & Charlie's lives from now until the end of your life!! I guess I can relate there know Chuck's birthday is the 11th too. And my dad's....sooooo....the 11th has some special meaning for me too (to say the least). Anyway...y'all just relax for one last day...IT WILL BE THE LAST RELAXING DAY YOU'LL HAVE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE....LMAO
luv y'all xoxo

Donna said...

I love you guys!! Only a little more time and the precious one will be here!! Yall are in my prayers and thoughts!
Love ya lots!!