Tuesday, July 1, 2008

39 weeks........

I am officially 39 weeks pregnant and officially feel like I'm going to explode!! I dont know how this child can possibly grow anymore!

I had my weekly doctor's appt yesterday and she ordered an ultrasound to check on baby's size.....because as she continues to remind me, "Let's face it, you just aren't very tall!!" So the good news is that baby looks good. No gigantic head, measuring on time and just over 7lbs. An ultrasound can be off by up to a pound so it could be closer to 8. My dr says to expect mid 7ish. The leg (femur) measurement was on the small side. This could be for 2 reasons. 1) baby just got my height....entirely possible or 2) measurement is a little off because the tech did have a bit of a tough time getting some measurements. Everything above my belly button is a mush of baby and s/he would NOT sit still for 2 seconds!!! I guess we both enjoyed that peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch!! Neither of these are concerns and dr is not at all worried about that small measurement. Again, not an exact science - we are both just glad to have a normal sized baby hiding in there. Heartbeat was 147.

As for me........sigh. I am +3lbs.......29 total. My doctor is VERY pleased with my overall weight gain and if I step back and remember that I am pregnant afterall, that 29 sounds great!! But anyone who gains 30 lbs in approx. 6 months gets to be depressed by that!! ugh!

No new labor progress. I am making a little bit of progress on my own, but really not a whole lot. I set up my 40w appt for next Monday. If I make it that far, I have to have a biophysical profile done. Basically an ultrasound with just a little more indepth measuring to make sure that baby's fluid levels are still good, placenta is still good, etc. No reason to believe they wont be but it's something she does routinely starting at 40w when you are officially considered "postdate"

She said she is not comfortable with me going too far past my due date, again b/c of my size. This is not a surprise to Charlie and I. She has said that a few times. Even though baby is doing fine at this point we certainly dont need him/her growing too large! So the official eviction is set for 7/10 if I dont go into labor on my own. I would go in 7/9, late in the evening for cervidil to help get things going and then the pitocin would begin 7/10 in the morning.

I'm pretty torn on how I feel about all of this. I really wanted to avoid induction but I understand the need if I dont go into labor on my own. And we are both VERY VERY ready to meet this little critter!! I'm sure things will work out just exactly the way they are supposed to!!

Thanks for any and all happy thoughts, and good labor thoughts between now and next Thursday! And for your amusement...........some pics of a very round Beth!!

Yes, that is my belly button!!

Love to everyone,
Charlie, Beth, and Baby!!


brendak976 said...

Woohooo you are almost there :) I am sure you are ready you look like he/she is well done hehehe....I will send good thoughts your way that you have that lil firecracker soon (July 4th) hehehe...Love ya and make sure you call me no matter what time it is.

Donna said...

I am gettin' really excited now!! I love to see your belly, its beautiful! Just cant wait :o)
I love you guys~