Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy due date to me.........'s due date has come and nothing......absolutely positively NOTHING!!!

The ultrasound was great. Baby is healthy and thriving. My fluids are getting lower, but that is to be expected since baby is taking up much more space. They are still in the completely normal range and nowhere near a level where we should worry. We had to wake up little critter to get some movement. Brat! The tech said s/he is definitely bigger this week than last week - but didn't say how much. Maybe she didn't want to scare me!

As for me ~ +2 more lbs. Still just under 2cm dialated and 80% effaced. The baby is head down but not really really low. Dr. K talked to us quite a bit about what to expect and I'm really thankful she did. Basically, I have to go in on Wednesday night for the cervidil because my body just isn't dialating and effacing on its own. Baby's head pushing on the cervix causes these things to happen. Because the baby dropped about 4 weeks ago, I started making progress. Because I have not made ANY progress at all in the past 3 weeks, this shows that the baby really hasn't dropped anymore at all.

This could be because my kid is a brat and is too comfortable!! Or it could be because I'm too small and baby is too big. No, baby isn't ginormous but I'm seriously not a large person (apparently fat doesn't count!!) There really isn't any way to tell which of these is happening without just inducing me and seeing if my body will pick up and figure this whole labor thing out! So I go in Wednesday and we hope that the cervidil opens things up and baby finds a path to the birth canal that s/he likes. Dr. K will come and check me early Thursday morning and see how I'm doing and start the pitocin, maybe break my water depending on any progress made.

We'll play the sit and wait game while the pitocin does its thing. If after cervidil, pitocin, water breaking and epidural I'm still not making progress to her liking - she said we will talk c-section. She isn't quick to jump to c-section (she isn't even a huge fan of induction) but she also said she isn't going to let me labor forever and not make any progress because if the baby is too big ~ it doesn't matter how long I labor, I'm not gonna be pushing it out.

So, yes ~ I'm bummed that I'm officially overdue, but at least I know that there is a clear end in sight. I'm on orders to put my feet up as much as possible over the next 48 hours because they are swelling like gigantic marshmallows!!!

And unless some magic fairy falls from the sky and makes me dialate and efface and breaks my water................our baby will be arriving exactly one year to the day of our loss. Maybe that was in God's plan all along.

All our love,
Charlie, Beth, and Baby!

P.S. ~ I dont have a 40w picture right now because I'm too lazy to go and take one! I promise I'll take one before I go to bed and I'll try to remember to post it tomorrow. I'm sure I'm bigger now than I was last week ~ and no, I'm not a glowing pregnant lady....I'm sweating!! It's really hot here!


jamin5 said...

How exciting!! I'm so happy for you guys!!!! I've been in your shoes before (or belly) I was induced with Aliyah on my due date (although I did have dangerously low fluid) and with Nate. I'm so excited for you!! You are in my prayers!!!!

Jen Pharr

Donna said...

Woo Hoo!! Gettin' closer!! I am gettin' sooo excited!! :o)
Big Hugs and kisses to ya!

Kim said...

Honey, you are totally glowing. You just don't know it. End in sight, keep cool and rest!

Barb said...

Ok...I'm beginning to have my own flash backs while reading your post. You sound EXACTLY like me when I was pregnant (BOTH TIMES). My belly could hold a dang 12 lb baby if my doc would've let me!! LOL
I feel your pain tho..just keep cool & try to relax thru everything. It can be a bit of a nerve buster, but don't let it get to ya! It's all gonna happen the way God planned for it to happen for sure!! You're in our prayers and so is baby Derr. Oh yea...and daddy Derr too! He needs some prayer thoughts too, ya know! ; )
Can't wait to hear the news. We better be at least in the top 5 on the speed dial come delivery day!!!
Luv you y'all xoxo
Chuck, Barb, Halee and Peyton