Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's that time of year again...

You know, that time when everyone gets a haircut and you shop for cute's Christmas card time! Christmas cards mean Christmas pictures - both an exciting time and a time of great fear!!! I mean, come'on, I have a 2 year old!! He might be in a good mood, he might be in a rotten mood. He might smile and be adorable. He might have a meltdown and scream his head off. You just never know!! and I have an infant - who might be sweet and angelic and practicing that new gummy smile she just learned how to make. OR - she could be hungry and miserable and practice exercising her lungs....which I promise you are in full working order! Haha

But after the pictures are done - then I get to have fun and create a Christmas card!! The past few years I have used Shutterfly to make my Christmas cards and I have never been disappointed. It is so easy to just drop-in the pictures you want to add, type in your greeting, and pick a background. No frustrating hours trying to adjust photos or backgrounds. Did I mention I have 2 kids?!?! I dont have time for that!!

This was last year's card.

This year I get to add in another adorable little face!! I can't wait!! and there are so many different choices.

There is the Christmas Card Collection. Full of red and green!!

Something like this, gives me lots of options for adding photos....

but I really like the design of this one......

and this one.........

Or, I could chose from The Holiday Collection where there are gorgeous blues and silvers!

This one is kindof fun!

and I like this one too.....

Then I also have to decide if I want to make some other fun gifts, like a desk calendar or a wall art canvas.

So many choices!! Which one will I pick?!?! I'm not sure yet. I guess it depends on how those pictures turn out! Will I have two screaming kids or two smiling angels? Keep an eye on your mailbox to find out! :o)

Want to try making your own Shutterfly cards this year? Follow this link if you are a blogger and you could get 50 free cards!

Happy picture taking and card making! :o)

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