Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chateau de Muth!!

While I was in the hospital, Ethan stayed with my good friend Natalie. She has a daughter 6 weeks older than Ethan and they are great playmates.

Natalie and David (her husband) took great care of Ethan!! He had so much fun that we are pretty sure he went through withdrawl after he got home and it was only Daddy to play with. It was like a 3 day vacation at an all-inclusive resort!

There were snacks and crafts at Paige's table!


Jumping on the trampoline!

Fun times at the sand/water table!

Bathtime fun with cool toys!


Bedtime stories with Paige and her Daddy!

Thanks Muth family for taking such good care of our little man! It made those few days so much easier knowing that Ethan was happy!

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