Sunday, August 16, 2009


Tonight we had homemade pizza for dinner. Charlie and I made the crust for ours. But it was super dense so we made E's pizza with whole wheat english muffins. He LOVED it!! This kid can put away some pizza!!

Just yesterday we started working on the sign for "more". Up to that point we have been informed that he wanted another bite when he grunted, growled, or banged on his tray. I decided that was not going to work for me.

Tonight, he looked at Charlie and signed for more pizza. I nearly fell out of my chair! And then of course, jumped out of my chair and grabbed the camera!


Donna said...

OMG!! That is fantastic!! He even seems pleased with himself for getting what he wants! LOL...Yay Kernal!

Delores said...

That is amazing....Good job Mommy and Daddy
Love Ya.....Mom

Kari said...

Beth that's awesome!! He looks so pleased with himself!! (KSinVA)