Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I am on spring break and had big plans for us! I took Ethan to daycare Monday to get a haircut and run a few other quick errands. Then planned to have lots of fun for the rest of the days together. Well - until I got a phone call at 1pm that poor Ethan was running a fever and not feeling well. One quick trip to the pediatrician later, we have a double ear infection and a tooth breaking through on the top. Good times!

We still managed to enjoy our green clothing and a few minutes outside on a gorgeous day!

This head bobbles tickle!!

I can stand up with a little help!

Playing outside on a beautiful day!

Wow! Look at that big tree!

Toys!! I love toys!!

If I drop this toy off the side, Mommy will pick it up! What a fun game!

Sometimes toys are yummy! Especially when you are trying to cut a tooth!

OK Mommy - I think I'm done!

My happy leprechaun - first thing in the morning

Hi - my name is Ethan. I am addicted to my binkies. I sleep with one in my mouth and one in each hand!!

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Delores said...

OMG ...... he is the cutest and you know he is going to hate you for these pictures, but it is a Mothers right to humiliate her children.....he he he. Too adorable for words. Thanks for the pictures