Sunday, March 15, 2009

Grand Slam: A body fluids story!

Seriously, I can't make this stuff up!

Ethan was 8 months old on Wednesday, March 11th. I had a particularly stressful day at work (only one more day at that point with the kids until Spring Break and they were all fired up!!) and I decided to leave a little early. So I got to daycare at about 4:20 instead of my normal 4:45. As I walked in, Carrie (our daycare provider) and another daycare Mom were laughing and saying I didn't want to come in. Carrie said, "We are on the 3rd dirty diaper of the afternoon and it is pretty stinky in here." <>

I go over to where Ethan is sitting on a little blanket and banging his toys together and pick him up. Instantly, my hand is wet and I can small him. Yup - my kid is #4 for the afternoon.....and it's a bad one! Carrie is still changing kid #3 so I grab the wipes and go to work.

This is one of those diaper blowouts where - if you were at home - you would just head straight for the bathtub. But I wasn't home, so 25 Huggies wipes later we are just about cleaned up! Dirty clothes are in a bag. Dirty diaper and wipes in another.

Score: Ethan - 1, Mommy - 0

I turn him over to wipe his back just one last time and he pees on my left leg. It was my own fault. I had him out of a diaper for too long. But jeez kid! Cut me a break! We all have a good laugh, even me!

Score: Ethan - 2, Mommy - 0

I get him all dressed and use another few wipes to clean off my leg. All is good. I pick him up and head over to the couch to get his jacket on him. AAAAAAH CHOOOOOO. Poor kid has a cold again and sneezes all over my shoulder. 2 wipes later, I am clean of the snot that has found its way onto my shoulder. We are all cracking up!!

Score: Ethan - 3, Mommy - 0

Finally, jacket is one and baby is all clean. Mommy is a whole other story! We say goodbye to Carrie, Ethan's daycare girlfriend and her Mom and get ready to head out the door. Burp! And there it goes - he spit up all the way down my right leg. We are all laughing so hard we are in tears!! Yes, even me! Because when you have had the body fluid "grand slam" on you in less than 10 minutes - what else are you going to do?! You call your husband on the way home and say, "Are you coming straight home? I really need a shower!"

Final score: Ethan - 4, Mommy - 0

So ~ Happy 8 months of motherhood to me! And here's what you really want.......

And guess who is trying really hard to get up on all fours - and sometimes even up on just his feet - and get moving?!?!?! Yeah - we are NOT READY for him to crawl - let alone walk!!!

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Donna said...

ROFL..I was laughing at you as I read this story...I could imagine how hard you where laughing. LOL
He is growing SO fast!! OMG
I Love you guys~
Donna/Aunt Nonnie