Saturday, February 28, 2009

First *big* snow!

So, it isn't a huge snow. We only got about 3 or 4 inches total. But it hasn't been a big year for snow for us. We've had some miserable temperatures, but very little snow. Guess we got 2 years worth last year........when I was pregnant!

Anyway, we stuffed Ethan into his snowsuit and ran outside for a few fun pictures. I'm glad I only paid $3 for his snowsuit because it does not appear my child is a fan of the snow! Although, to be fair ~ he does seem to like his suit!

It is very pretty outside. And I'm really glad that it's a weekend.........

In other news - Ethan has started to play "Patty Cake" and clap his hands! He is also doing "Peek-a-boo". It is so darn cute. Amazing how something so simple just melts your heart! and I FINALLY caught them both on video this morning while we were playing!


Donna said...

Yay Ethan! LOL...he look adorable playing Patty Cake and Peek-a-boo!! he he he...He will learn to like snow better when he can run in and out of the how a couple of different times in one day! LOL
Love yall~
Donna/Aunt Nonnie

Donna said...

Umm...I must have had brain freeze...couple of misspelled words...LOl *looks* and *house* not *how* LOL

Delores said...

For some reason my first try didn't work.....soooo

Stop torturing my Grandson....Love and Kisses from Maw Maw.... See you soon I hope. Love Mom

harwooddoll said...

testing one. two , three

harwooddoll said...

ok hallelujah I finally got this comment thingy right. OK Ethan after watching your newest blog I just had to let you know I loved it and it put a smile on my face for the entire day. The one of you playing peek a boo was my favorite I think, although you are adorable in all the pictures.
I tried sending this to you Sunday and yet some how I sent you my bank statement instead. the whole world knows how broke I am. lol
In my last comment I sent to you I asked you not to beleive everything your mom says about me BUT now I am not to sure. Anyway let me quit for now or you will have my first novel and "NOT JUST A COMENT" ON HOW ADORABLE I THINK YOU ARE !!!!!
Love ya bunches
Aunt Doris

Hunter Family said...

He looks so cute in that snowsuit!!