Thursday, February 12, 2009

7 months.........(and one day!!)

So I'm a day late - what else is new?!?!?

We had another follow-up yesterday with Ethan's doctor. His lungs sound very good and his cough/congestion are all "in his head". That is great news! We do have to watch him very close until probably mid-April (springtime) because the cold could travel back to his chest very quickly. That's how it all started this time and it almost happened overnight. So we will keep a watchful *ear* on his breathing but for now, we celebrate good news.

He has lost just over 1/2 a pound with this 3 weeks of sickness. His appetite isn't completely back yet. But he is eating enough to stay hydrated for sure. And let's face kid has a little bit of extra store :o)

That's all for now!


Donna said...

Yay!! Look how's 7 months!! :o)
Woo Hoo!! I am so glad your feeling better Kernal!!

I love you!!
Aunt Nonnie

Delores said...

Man those teeth shine now.... :o) Wow 7 months....Glad your feeling better my Lucky # 7. I love you very much ! Maw Maw

Kentiga said...

Aww I'm glad he's doing better!