Saturday, November 15, 2008

a little bit of everything..........

Some Stats

Our pedi appt was yesterday. Ethan has gained 7lbs and grown 6.5inches since birth!!

14lbs 13.6oz (44th %)
24.5in (30th %)
head - 16.3in (24th %)

Two months ago he was in 10 - 25% for everything so he is definitely growing!!!

We are off the reflux meds (!!!!)for a few weeks to see how that goes. We can also start rice cereal, 1Tbsp a day, to see how he does. If that goes well, veggies next month. This could also help with the refluxing. We are still on nutramigen. She says we'll "talk" at 6mos but be prepared to stay on for the duration!

Ethan's neck is doing much better. The exercises are working. We even got a few new ones to try now that he is getting stronger.

He is not rolling over yet and shows no interest at all. His pedi says no worries for 2 more months. He will roll when the mood strikes him!

He got two shots in each leg and rotovirus oral. Lucky for me.....this round of shots made him more tired than cranky, so he slept most of today. We hope that is not a bad sign for tonight!!

Some Silly Playtime

The amazing versatile binky!! If you get bored with one side, you can just flip it around and enjoy the other side!!

Well, you know how much he loves his jumperoo! The exersaucer is a different story. It is still growing on him. He tries to jump when you put him in it and then gets really angry when it won't light up the toys. So we are trying to help him discover the toys.....

And this is what you get after you have been playing really hard all day......

Some rice cereal

So our little bubba loves his highchair but we found out tonight that he is not so fond of cereal!!! I'm sure it's still just too new. We will wait a few days and try again!!

Here comes the spoon ~ he looks excited doesn't he?!!

Still looks pretty happy, right??!!

Wait....what the heck is this?!!?

Bite #1

OK, happy baby! Try again.....

Bite #2 ~ seriously, this stuff is horrible!!

We decided if we wanted any video of this wonderful experience...we better do it quickly as we were pretty sure he was about to give up on us! We had no idea how "done" he actually was. We had no idea what we were about to get on video!!

Poor kid!!!

For your enjoyment ~ Bite #3.....the final bite!

It is our job as parents to record - and laugh - at events like this! And just so you know we don't actually intend to torture our child ~ he was fine after the whole event. He even likes the spoon! That's a start right?!

That is all for now!


Donna said...

LOL!! The cereal was priceless!! LOL...Did you try to put it in his bottle? Sometimes that helps...LOL..sorry, cant stop laughing at the poor guy! he he he
Love yall~

Donna said...

One more comment....Uncle Henry wants to know where your "WVU" outfit is? He hasnt seen a video with you wearing it. Is mommy and daddy not allowing "such outfits"?! LOL
Just Henry for ya!! LOL ~

Delores said...

Poor little guy. Not liking the rice so much yet.....Hugs and Kisses.... Mom