Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hannah's Story!!

I know it's been 2 weeks....but cut me a break! I've been kinda busy :o) But I do want to get Hannah's birth story written down before I start forgetting any of the little details, so here goes!

Wednesday Sept 22nd

Ethan was staying at my girlfriend's house while we were in the hospital. We decided it was best to drop him off Wednesday night since we had to be at the hospital SO early on Thursday. So we went to Natalie's house around 530ish, had dinner with her and watch Ethan and Paige run around and wear each other out! He went to bed much easier than I expected and we were heading home by 830. I sat on the couch, ate some ice cream, watched Survivor on DVR and shed a few hormonal tears that I was a) about to meet this new little baby and b) was home without my first baby for the first time ever. The house was too quiet! After Survivor, I took a shower with my special surgical soap (stinky stuff!) and attempted to sleep. I crawled in bed around 10ish but I remember looking at my clock around midnight and thinking I would never fall asleep. I did fall asleep, until about 130 when I had to get up and pee. and then up again at 345 to shower and get ready to go have a baby. It was the longest, short night ever.

Thursday Sept 23rd - BABY DAY!!!

We had to be at the hospital by 515/530. We went right away back to the pre-op area and I changed into my hospital gown. I had a TON of nurses! There was a nurse for me, and a nursing student to follow her. There was also a nurse for our baby, and a nursing student following her! They hooked me up to the monitor for baby's heartbeat and another to watch for contractions. I had all my vitals checked and -- SHOCKER -- my blood pressure was a little high! It took 3 nurses, 3 different tries to get my IV in. That was not comfortable at all! About an hour into our 2 hour wait, I had to turn over and lay on my left side because my blood pressure was too high. I know that drill all too well. I ended up staying on my left until we went back to the OR. I'm pretty sure Charlie was on his 5th cup of coffee at this point.

About an hour before surgery, my anesthesiologist came in to see me. Actually, he was a resident - so he had another doctor following him also. Seriously, everyone had a double! He was so nice and really helped put me at ease by explaining everything. More on him later.

Around 715, my OB arrived. Looked over my chart, laughed at me about my blood pressure, and asked if we were ready to have a baby! YES YES YES!! We reminded her that we didn't know baby's gender and she promised to let Charlie announce.

They handed Charlie his bunny suit and reminded him to leave his clothes on underneath. We all got a good laugh out of that - and yes, I guess that has been an issue before. LOL

My nurse walked me back to the OR and told me that Charlie would be allowed to join as soon as my spinal was in place. I remember being alone in the OR with Ethan's delivery too and it really is an uncomfortable feeling. I started to get upset that he wasn't there but my nurses and anesthesiologist were fantastic. He explained everything he was doing as it was happening at that really made me feel better. After my spinal was in, they helped me lay down and started hooking up all my other wires. My doctor came in and started to prep all of her stuff and I started to panic again, asking for Charlie. Just as they finished putting up the curtain, he came in and sat down by my head. I was instantly calm.

My c-section took a little longer the second time because of scar tissue from Ethan's delivery. But it wasn't too bad, especially since I wasn't so horribly sick this time. I was able to keep my eyes open and talk Charlie, which kept me calmer. When my doctor told us we were getting close, Charlie noted that "American Woman" was on the radio in the OR. We decided it would be funny if we had a girl, delivered to the song "American Woman". As my OB was about to deliver our second child, we heard her say "Wow, look at that hair". Just then, before she was even delivered - we heard her first cry! I swear, I could just feel the excitement travel all the way up my body and my heart swelled 9 times! She asked "Daddy" if he was ready and he said yes.

I remember seeing the shadow of a baby being lifted up behind the blue curtain and turning to look at Charlie. His jaw dropped, his eyes got big and he was really quiet for what seemed like an eternity. I couldn't see baby so I was depending on him to tell me what we had......and he said "It's a girl". I cried. I never dreamed I would be a girl Mommy until that moment, and right at that moment, it seemed like it was always meant to be. They lifted her up higher so I could see her. I reached up, touched her cheek and said "Happy Birthday Hannah" and then cried some more.

Charlie followed her over to get cleaned, weighed, and checked out. Again, I was so glad to not be so sick this time so I could watch too. The nursery nurses commented again on her dark hair and chubby cheeks! They got all of her measurements and weighed her, and then wrapped her up. She and Charlie came back over to my for a minute so I could meet my little Hannah. My anesthesiologist, who had been absolutely amazing, took our camera and took a few pictures for us. It was just amazing.

Charlie and Hannah left to go to the nursery. Hannah needed to be checked over and get her first bath, and I needed to be put back together again. I'm glad Charlie was gone because this is when I did start to get sick. I remember my face getting really cold and clammy all of a sudden. I said to my nurse and the anesthesiologist "I dont think I feel very good" and then it hit me. Before the poor guy could even turn around and get some medicine for my IV, I was just miserable. Luckily, it only lasted about 2 minutes until the meds kicked in. But that was for sure - a very long 2 minutes!

After I was done, the doctors and nurses lifted me to a real bed and wheeled me back to our recovery room. I got there before Charlie and Hannah. The nursery nurse came in and told me that Hannah was doing great. I was particularly worried about her blood sugars since Ethan struggled so much with his. They told me she was right at a 50, which is the lowest number they want them to be at - but still OK. They said she would be back in just a minute and they wanted her to try and nurse right away to help with her blood sugars.

After Charlie and Hannah got back, we started to make phone calls and send texts. As he called his Mom - I called mine. I really enjoyed being able to tell her that she had another granddaughter!! We were released from recovery at around 11am and wheeled to our Mother & Baby room. Ethan was waiting for us just as we got there. It was SO good to see him. He brought along a gift for his new baby sister - a small pink teddy - but was not at all interested in visiting with her, or me, in the hospital room. He was way more interested in his peanut butter sandwich and all the buttons/drawers in the room!

We had lots of visitors over the next few days and enjoyed every minute of it. We didn't have that time with Ethan since he was admitted to the NICU the day after he was born.

By Thursday night I was sitting up and dangling my feet over the side of the bed. Friday morning they removed my spinal and started me on oral pain meds, and by lunchtime I was up and walking. I knew that getting up and moving was going to be key to me feeling better. It wasn't comfortable, but I did it.

We were discharged on Sunday, Sept 26th. It was a very chilly, windy fall day. We actually turned on the heat in the car to keep our tiniest little family member warm. Ethan was very happy to have us home and I was so glad to be home.

I still cant believe we have children! CHILDREN! As in, two of them! And I still cant believe we have a daughter - even though she is all dressed in pink and laying right next to me as I type this out!

Welcome to our family, Hannah Elizabeth!!


The Blatchford Family said...

Wonderful story! Congrats again on your beautiful little girl, Hannah!!

Jennifer Scott said...

She's beautiful. Congratulations!

mrsdanigirl8 said...

So beautiful. Congrats again!

Jessica said...

she's beautiful! i love the picture of ethan meeting her in the hospital. :)

K-tell said...

What a great birth story! I loved the part about seeing her shadow behind the curtain-- tear jerker! Hannah Elizabeth is a beautiful name. Perfect for such a beautiful little girl!!

Lisa said...

That is awesome about the "American Woman" playing right before she was born!!!!