Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gone Too Long!

(my apologies for taking almost 1 month to update the blog!! It is the end of the school year. Blah! May always brings end-of-year testing, grade cards, and kids full of summer fever. This year it also brings a lot of packing because I am moving classrooms. Not grade levels, just classrooms. I am finally moving back to the primary hallway with the other 1st grade classes!! I'm excited about my new room - but LORDY I have a lot of crap in my room to pack-up! Anyway - this will be a long update so I can try to catch up and I promise not to wait another month!!)

Ethan's Baptism
On Sunday May 3rd, we were so blessed to have family and friends join us for Ethan's baptism. It was a wonderful day. Ethan was baptized in the same church we were married in almost 3 years ago - and by the same pastor. Definitely a nice memory!

Ethan plays with his MeMe during her visit!

The children's council at the church gives every child a banner when they are baptized. Here is Ethan's.

Trying to get his toes in the water

In a great mood through the entire thing!

Happy Birthday Paige!!
Today we went to my girlfriend's daughter's 1st birthday. Natalie did such a cute job with Paige's flower party and I swear she is the cutest little toddler ever! **ACK! She's a toddler!!**

What am I supposed to do with that?!?

OOOO! I have an idea!!

Yummy flower!

This is quite tasty!

McKenna stops playing for a quick bottle break! MUST.GET.EVERY.LAST.DROP!!!

Ethan and Paige go for a ride in Paige's new wheels!!!

Paige is so funny!!

Ethan is 10 months old!
On Monday May 11th, Ethan turned 10 months old. Where do all the days go?!? How is my baby already 10 months old?? Poor kiddo had a fever the night before and had to stay home from daycare. We went to walk-in just to rule out another ear infection (avoided #6 for now!!) and got weighed! Ethan broke 19 lbs!!! He is 19lbs 3.4oz!!! Yay! All those new eating skills are paying off! His newest favorite food ~ sweet potato fries!!

Our little one was not too happy to get his 10 month picture...this was the best we could do!

My First Mother's Day
I had a great day with my two favorite men!! Ethan made me a card - Daddy helped with the cutting! We spent the afternoon at Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead We got some really cute pictures, but the card is acting up and doesn't want to let us have them right now. Still working on that. Hopefully we will be able to recover at least a few of them. After our day at the farm, we met up with Charlie's parents for ice cream!! Yum!

My card!

New skills!!
Our little guy is getting so big....right before our eyes!

He is getting really good at standing on his own.

He is starting to cruise around the furniture in the living room.

And just today he decided to do THIS at Paige's party..........
And again a few hours later at home......................

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Thanks for the update. It is always worth the wait. See you guys soon.....Love Mom