Friday, April 17, 2009

9 months + a few days........

So....I've been slacking. Actually, I've been so tired it's been difficult to take the time to blog. When I have a spare few minutes - I try to catch some sleep!! But I'll get you all caught up!

We had Ethan's pictures taken at Portrait Innovations for his 9 months and Easter. We are very happy with how well they turned out and cannot believe how fast our little guy is growing!!

On Saturday, July 11th ~ Ethan was "officially" 9 months old. I swear, the pictures are REALLY getting hard to capture!

Ummmm....yeah. Ethan really likes the camera!

We had a nice Easter. It rained all day, but we're still about a year off from an Easter egg hunt so no worries! Ethan got a basket from the Easter Bunny and also from his Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw. The Bunny brought him the basket on the left with 2 new books, a stuffed bunny, and a crawling-rolly toy! Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw got him the bright blue one with a new sippy cup, a stuffed bunny, and some soft plush eggs that he loves to roll and chase across the carpet!

On Wednesday, we had our 9 month well-visit with his pedi. Poor kid has been sick since mid-January and we are getting a little concerned with his weight gain. He was weighed at his last sick check-up and had only gained a 1/2lb since his 6mo visit. That was about 2 1/2 weeks ago. At his 9mo visit, he had only gained 2 more oz. So he is now weighing in at 18lbs and 5.3oz. He is 27 1/4" long and his head is just right (can't remember the exact measurement!) So back to the weight gain (or lack thereof!) if you do the math - he has only gained about 3/4lb in 3 months. That's not very good.

Part of his weight gain problems can be blamed on the fact that he still can't eat solids. He loves the Gerber purees, but anything that has any sort of lump or texture just gags him terribly. :o( In the past few weeks - he has gagged/choked/barfed on:
* 1/2 cheerio
* teething cracker
* puree chicken/applesauce
* homemade mashed potatoes

and I'm sure there are more but that's off the top of my head! Pedi says just keep trying. Our bubba has had feeding issues since the day he was born. We shouldn't be surprised that he is still a little behind, but it is still frustrating.

The other part of his weight gain problems can be blamed on his getting sick so much. We have had ear infection after ear infection and add in a little RSV for good measure! Well, guess what!?! We have another ear infection. GRRRRR! We knew he had a cold but we were really hoping it wasn't an ear infection. No such luck. This makes #4. One more and we pretty much get a free pass to the ENT. Do not pass Go, and it will probably cost us well over $200! Good times.

So, we are heading back in 2 weeks to recheck the ears. Then going back again 4 weeks after that for a weight check. We REALLY need to see some weight gain and some improvements in his eating/gagging/etc. If you could just send our little guy some happy eating thoughts - that would be great!

Last bit of "great" news from our appointment - we will NOT be getting off formula at 12months. We will discuss the transition to milk AT his 12 month well-visit. So it will very likely be 13 - 14 months before we can finally let go of the golden formula. Ugh!

Don't worry - we are most definitely keeping track of this for future use. You know, when he wants to go to college, or get a car, or something! LOL

But it's not all bad news! He is doing great with all his other motor development and is scooting ALL OVER the living room. I dont think he will ever really crawl. He gets anywhere he wants to go on his tummy and he is getting pretty fast! This weekend, we will be installing baby gates.

And for your enjoyment (and a prize if you read all the way through this!!)........


Brandy said...

Love the 9 month and Easter pictures. And thanks for the updates.

Hunter Family said...

He is getting so big - I love the pictures of him in the little vest!!

Delores said...

See you in 9 days....YIPPEEE !! Thanks for the update. love Mom