Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yup ~ it's true!

I am very excited to announce that Charlie and I are expecting again!! I am 16 weeks pregnant and our baby is due July 7, 2008!!! We are beyond thrilled!

I am not cute and round like all those magazine pregnant ladies! At this point, I'm just sortof-round and mostly fat looking!! But, fatness aside, I did take a picture of myself last week at 15 weeks. I have definately lost my waistline!

I had a ton of appointments in the early weeks of my pregnancy. More because I was just terrified of another loss than because my doctor was actually concerned. She never had any reason to believe that anything was wrong, but she let me continue to come in every 2 or 3 weeks to check in on our little one.

At our 10 week appointment we had an ultrasound and got to see our little superstar doing a dance. It was the coolest thing ever. Its little hands were up over its head and it was jumping and twirling all around!!

We told the family at Christmas time and got some great reactions!

My last appointment was Jan 4th and I was just about 14 weeks. We heard the heartbeat on the doppler!! It was 160 and absolutely the most amazing sound of our lives!!!!!! At that appointment we "graduated" to every 4 week appointments. That means that everything is going so well that she no longer feels like we need to come in so frequently. It also means that I have to wait 2 more weeks until I get another appointment!!!

Lucky for me ~ I have a local friend who won a home doppler on e-bay! She let me borrow it to find the heartbeat and settle my nerves for just 2 more weeks. So in our bravest attempt, Charlie and I attempted to find our little gymnast. We searched for what seemed like FOREVER with no luck at all. Just when we were about to give up, we caught a quick listen at what was definately a fast heartbeat. As quick as we found it, it was gone again. But we were happy to have found it at all and we quit.

Well......I just couldn't let it go. So tonight, I tried again and I found it! I quick grabbed our digital camera to record it! I didn't figure any of you wanted to look at my bubble belly so I pointed the camera at the doppler speaker and just recorded the sound. The best I can figure, it was about 150ish. Again, brought tears to my eyes just to know that everything was still ok in there!!! I seriously wish I could just have a window - like an oven! - to keep checking!

So, 2 more weeks until our next appointment. We aren't sure if we will get an ultrasound then or if we have to wait for the appointment after that, but you can be sure I will share those first photos of our baby as soon as I can. And for those of you itching to know (you know who you are!!!) we are NOT finding out the baby's sex!! You'll just have to wait until July! :o)

So without any more the YouTube link to listen to Baby's heartbeat!!!


Sarah said...

It still just fills my heart with joy to hear all about the little tic tac. I'm glad you were able to find the heartbeat tonight!
Miss you and constantly keep you in my thoughts.

brendak976 said...

I am so happy for you guys. Just reading this blog you had me bawling like baby (i am such a ninny LOL) I cant wait to meet you lil miricle love you guys.


Keri said...


:) Congrats - I guess it's about to be the KSthree?

There's a new KC baby board on the nest in case you haven't seen it yet - I don't have the link here at school but I think it's a pretty active board.

The Prairie Jeweler said...

How did I not know!!! I'm so happy for you and Charlie, you 2 deserve to be parents more than anyone!
Keep yourself healthy and let Charlie spoil you rotten.
All my best!

Mrs. Molly said...

Wow, I didn't know you had lost two babies. I am so very sorry for your loss. But I am excited for you that you are expecting again and that you heard the heartbeat. It is truly the best sound in the world : ) Congrats!

Donna said...

I am so excited I got to hear the heart beat!! I love you guys and cant wait for the new addition to our family!! ~Donna